pete mcbride
Show Notes: Pete McBride, one of the great outdoor film makers for National Geographic, is here to tell the story of the Grand Canyon through the documentary Martin’s Boat and the 750 mile long hike through the Grand Canyon.
The Boundary Waters
Show Notes: Sponsors: Riverhorse Nakadate shares some insight into what he's been up to lately with Patagonia.  The purpose of this episode is to raise your awareness of the Boundary Waters status and encourage you to help preserve the great wilderness area in the country.
Show Notes: My old friend Greg Collett is here to share the story behind his move to the jungles of Ecuador and why he's dedicated his life to conserving the native peoples of his home for the last 10 years.
patagonia the company
Ted Manning is here to walk us behind the scenes of Patagonia -  the company that's in business to save our home planet.
Wind River Canyon
Darren Calhoun of Wind River Canyon is here to share the story of creating the movie Tribal Waters and working with Patagonia and Teton Gravity Research. We find out how the Wind River reservation and some other groups actually sued the federal government and won the case to protect their water rights. We also find out about the fishing the...
susitna river coalition
Margaret Stern from Susitna River Coalition walks us through their mission to protect and support the 312-mile-long, free-flowing, Susitna River.
one percent for the planet
Prepare to be captivated as we journey into a world that combines the thrill of the outdoors with a passion for conservation. This episode offers an intriguing dialogue with Craig Mathews and the founder of Patagonia, Yvon Chouinard; unraveling their love for fly fishing, their unique backstories, and their shared principles around the sport and beyond. Yvon, introduced to fly fishing by an esteemed mountain guide, will leave you gripped with his narrative, from his shift from spin fishing, to a sneak peek into their upcoming book, and their fervor for conservation in the fishing industry.
cuyahoga river
Embark on a journey of environmental triumph and angling adventure as we explore the Cuyahoga River's spectacular comeback, guided by the expertise of Mike Durkalec, aquatic biologist and fishing report hero. Discover how this once fiery river became a success story of ecological restoration, propelling forward thanks to the Clean Water Act and concerted community efforts. Dive into our discussion about the significance of dam removals, and witness the river's rebirth through improved water quality, enhanced biodiversity, and the return of thriving aquatic life.
sustainable fishing
Matt Shilling, Executive Director of Indifly, is here to enlighten us about their mission. Find out how they use fly fishing as a tool to transform the lives of Indigenous People and protect their valued homelands.
Everglades in Florida
Show Notes: Sponsors: The purpose of this episode is to raise your awareness about the Everglades in Florida issue - how our actions contribute to the problem and how restoring it would benefit us in the long run. More than 8 million people rely on the Everglades for drinking water. It supports multi-billion dollar economies of agriculture, recreation, and tourism in South Florida. The Everglades is home to two Native American tribes and contains a diverse array of habitats, ranging from coral reefs and brackish estuaries offshore to sawgrass prairies and cypress swamps inland.
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