John Hudgens is here to talk about The Anglers Academy and his long history around fly fishing, education, and travel. We get a little bit of the history of the Henry’s Fork area, learn how to cast to a rising fish correctly, and find out what the parachute cast is all about. Plus, John’s 5 dry fly tips for success.

John also takes us to Bolivia and tells us why that place is his favorite fly-fishing destination. How can Anglers Academy help you develop your casting ability and make you a better angler? John breaks it all down today!

Anglers Academy with John Hudgens. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with John Hudgens

04:00 – John got a job in Bob Jacklin’s fly shop when he was 15 years old.

11:45 – John tells us about what they have going at the Anglers Academy.

14:00 – John and his wife used to work for Yellowdog Fly Fishing in Bozeman, Montana.

15:30 – I noted Jim Klug who was on the podcast in episode 87.

16:00 – “It’s hard to beat Bolivia. The fishing that exists there for Golden Dorado”

20:20 – Most people travel to Brazil for peacock bass.

22:40 – We noted the Untamed Angling and talk about the good stuff they do out there.

31:00 – Los Roques is one of John’s favorite fly fishing destinations but getting there can be quite risky especially when you arrive in Caracas.


42:00 – They teach fishing while the fishing is good. We talk about when and how they do their classes. Bob Jacklin and some other great anglers are instructors in the academy.

45:45 – John talks about Henry’s Fork fishing in May and June.

48:40 – We had Mike Lawson in episode 190 where he talked about the Green Drake hatch.

52:55 – John talks about how they teach casting mechanics.

54:00 – We had Bruce Chard on in episode 408, talking about keeping the cast low.

56:00 – He talks about how to do a parachute cast.

1:04:20 – Step 1: Get that drift correctly. Step 2: Look at your fly to know what’s happening.

1:06:30 – John tells us what’s coming up next for the Anglers Academy and how you can sign up for their classes.

You can find Anglers Academy on Instagram @theanglersacademy

Visit their website at

anglers academy

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