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Today on the Littoral Zone with Phil Rowley, we cover part two of our in-depth discussion on making sense of stillwater fly lines. In Part 1, Phil revealed seven of the twenty fly lines that make up his kit. And today, we unwrap the remaining lines, break it all down, and lock in on the crucial trio Phil swears by – the three primary lines you should never hit the water without.
stillwater fly lines
Today we're kicking off with Part 1 of an exciting two-part series focusing on stillwater fly lines. We'll understand why you need multiple lines to be consistently successful on lakes, and we'll be taking a close look at different types of floating lines to help you make informed choices and get the most bang for your buck. Throughout this two-part series,...
forged fly fishing
Richard Wilby, the man behind Forged Fly Fishing, shares his journey of creating a fly reel company and a fishing gear company simultaneously. He shares his lineup of reels, what it's like living in Merritt BC, and the rich stillwaters of the area around this part of the world. We also find out which is the perfect stillwater reel. Forged Fly...
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bass on the fly
Today, we're diving into an epic episode where we explore the incredible adventures of Mark, a passionate fly fisherman and kayak lover, and the meaningful impact he has on veterans' lives. We'll uncover a surprising family connection between Mark's stepfather and my dad.
lakes in idaho
In this episode, Darren Huntsman will be sharing his expertise on some of the best top lakes in Idaho and beyond. Not only that, but he'll also be giving some game-changing tips for stillwater fishing that you won't want to miss. So if you're planning a trip to Idaho or just looking to up your fishing game, be sure to...
Our stillwater guru, Phil Rowley, sits down with Nico Sunseri of Pyramid Fly Co. to take us to Pyramid Lake fly fishing. Nico shares his extensive knowledge of the area, giving us insight into the unique fishing techniques that work best on this North American stillwater.
new lakes
Today we got Phil Rowley to get you prepared for approaching new lakes on your next trip. He shares his expertise and provides invaluable tips and techniques for anglers looking to tackle unfamiliar waters. According to Phil, the key to success all starts with meticulous planning and preparation. In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into Phil's advice and explore...
brian chan and phil rowley
Today we're with the two Stillwater Legends, Phil Rowley and Brian Chan as we dive deep into the Stillwater world!
littoral zone
Do you know what a Littoral Zone is? Did you know it’s the most productive part of the lake? Phil Rowley takes us into stillwater fishing and explains what this new Littoral Zone Podcast is all about. He describes which is the best rod for stillwaters and why.   Phil gives us the step x step process to find fish in...
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