Hi, I’m Dave.

I started the Wet Fly Swing Fly Fishing Podcast after many failed attempts to create something online.  It seemed like nothing worked for me but in 2015 I had been listening to many business podcasts and loved the podcast listening so much that I set a goal to have a podcast of my own within 2 years.

I had no idea what topic it was going to be in, only that I was going to do it.  In late 2017 I launched the first episode of the Wet Fly Swing Podcast and after that day it was the first time a stranger online reached out and said, wow, great work!  Keep it up! I knew at that moment I had found my calling.

Since that day in 2017 I have not missed a week of publishing podcasts.  And now we do multiple full length interview style podcasts weekly and have grown into one of the leaders in our small niche.  I never get tired of fly fishing and podcasting and every day look forward to both of them.

Now, I have a team and millions of podcast downloads and a business surrounding the podcast.  I will continue producing content and if you have a chance please send me an email or sign up to our newsletter and I’ll put together an episode for you!

I want to connect with you!

You will be able to ask me questions and connect with me.  In fact, just click this link and you can send me an email directly.  Let me know what you’re struggling with today.

Finding fish, making a good cast and putting in the time until your first hookup are all big humps to get over.  Maybe you have been trout fishing for years, but want to try steelheading?  Maybe you have been a gear fisherman, but want a new challenge?  Maybe you have never cast a fly rod, but are interested in jumping into it?

In either case, I will connect you with the resources you need to get started today.  The best way to assure you don’t miss any of the tips and tools, is to join the newsletter. You will be more successful if you make this journey with a community for support!

Go ahead, what do you have to loose – Join our social media community and decide for yourself if you are ready.