bowfin fly fishing
Embark with us on an enthralling voyage that casts a line into the heart of fly fishing with Capt. Drew Price, where we connect you to the waters and fish that have shaped his life since a fly rod first graced his hands as a graduation gift. This episode unveils the personal milestones, from his initial forays with fly tying through winter's grip to that pulse-racing moment when a smallmouth bass from the Saranac River first tested his reel. Drew's tale wades through the diverse aquatic playground of Lake Champlain, where the pursuit of species from panfish to pike has evolved alongside his journey from novice to seasoned angler. Our narrative isn't just about the catch—it's about embracing the sport's progression and the joy of seeking out the unexpected.
fishing guide
We're thrilled to welcome Stuart Jordan and Ben Roberson, the brains behind the Guide Book Co. mobile app. In a world where finding the perfect fly fishing guide can be as challenging as landing the catch of the day, their app serves as a beacon, connecting passionate anglers with experienced guides. Today, they're here to spill the secrets on not...
echo fly rod
Growing up by the Golden Gate Park, Tim never imagined that the casting ponds there would become a cornerstone of his journey in fly fishing. Yet, as Tim starts to reminisce, it's clear that those early days of bait fishing were just the beginning of his adventure into the craft of fly fishing, filled with the finesse of a straight-line rod tip path and the power of a double haul. It's like reeling in memories, from his first triumph over his brother in a casting competition to his progression from fishing lodge work to founding Echo Fly Rod Company.
sight fishing for redfish
Ready to experience the thrill of sight fishing for redfish? Would you like to visit one of the most natural and diverse barrier islands in the world? We've got the Bay Flats Lodge crew on the podcast to share some tips on sight fishing for redfish and what makes this part of the Texas coast so special. Today you will hear...
cast hope
Ryan Johnston, the visionary behind Cast Hope, unveils the transformative impact of his program on the lives of youth facing adversity. Not only will Ryan share heartwarming stories of change and growth, but he'll also reveal expert strategies for steelhead fishing. Learn how to navigate the challenges of the fish barrel roll, master the timing for jumping fish, and...