cast hope
Ryan Johnston, the visionary behind Cast Hope, unveils the transformative impact of his program on the lives of youth facing adversity. Not only will Ryan share heartwarming stories of change and growth, but he'll also reveal expert strategies for steelhead fishing. Learn how to navigate the challenges of the fish barrel roll, master the timing for jumping fish, and...
Uncover the secrets of thriving bay ecosystems and the art of fishing with our insightful guest, Allan Berger, Chair at San Antonio Bay Partnership Inc. and passionate advocate for the conservation of San Antonio Bay. Set sail with us on an auditory voyage where we paint the rich tapestry of the bay's geography, from the marshlands to the barrier island of Matagorda. This episode promises to immerse you in the natural splendor of the Mid-Texas coast and the cherished traditions it supports, all while emphasizing the urgent need to balance human pursuits with nature's delicate rhythms.
Today we're joined by Riley Laboe, Kye Petersen, and the legendary Feet Banks. These guys are all enthusiastic steelhead anglers with interesting stories to tell. Riley is a retired pro skier and talented filmmaker. Kye is one of the most influential free-skiers in the world. And Feet is a writer who also happens to be the Editor of Mountain Life Magazine. Stick around with us today as we explore the connection between life on the mountains and chasing fish in the valley. These guys have some great insight for anyone looking to fish for early-season winter steelhead. Alright, let's get going. It's time to get in the bucket.
atlantic salmon
Today Robert Chiasson gives us his biggest tips and tactics on finding and catching Atlantic salmon on a dry fly. He also shares a story on what it felt like to land and see this 48-inch Atlantic salmon caught on the surface with a bomber. Robert is the best person you can find if you want to fish the Margaree...
fly fishing expo
Join us as we cast our lines into the tranquil world of fly fishing with our guest, a passionate angler who shares his journey from a self-taught enthusiast to becoming a lead instructor and a pivotal figure in the fly fishing community. Our discussion weaves through the vibrant tapestry of the Northwest Fly Tyer and Fly Fishing Expo, a hub of tradition and innovation that stands out from other fishing shows. As we reminisce about the early memories that hooked us onto fly fishing, we also spotlight the Lin Betten Family Fly Fishers Club and its role in transforming eager learners into proficient casters through community college courses.