French Fly Fisherman
Show Notes: Sponsors: The French Fly Fisherman Antoine is here to take us to Euro nymphing. We find out how to present your fly more effectively and how to identify big fish, and we touch on many of the Farmington river hatches today.
fly fishing expo
Bruce Staples takes us on a journey inside the Fly Tying and Fly Fishing Expo. We find and hear about some of the histories of the people who made this event unique.
umpqua flies
Brent Bauer of Umpqua Feather Merchants is here to talk about the top Umpqua flies and products they have in their line. We hear about how a fly makes it through the Umpqua cut list, the process, some funny stories, and some of their most popular flies. A man who has been at Umpqua since back in the day, here...
anglers academy
John Hudgens is here to talk about The Anglers Academy and his long history around fly fishing, education, and travel.
Jon Stiehl is here to take us to TroutHunter Lodge and how he came to own and take this famous lodge to the next level. We get the history of the ranch water. We've heard a lot about that over the years. We get some inside information on Island Park. Find out about some of the cool box canyons in...