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coast knives

WFS 258 – Coast Knives and Headlamps with David Brands

Show Notes: David Brands from Coast Portland is on the podcast to share how he created one of the first LED Headlamps and led the way in knife technology.
matt smythe

WFS 137 – COVID-19 Tips for Fly Fishing Brands with Matt Smythe from AFFTA

Show Notes: COVID-19 Update for Fly Fishing Brands.  Matt Smythe, the communications coordinator for AFFTA,  sheds some light on what AFFTA is doing for fly fishing brands during the corona virus pandemic.  We find out what AFFTA does and how they balance politics and conservation. 
dan johnston

WFS 075 – Fly Casting Tips with Dan Johnston – Fly Rod Brands, History,...

Show Notes: We get into some great tips as I pick the brain of Dan Johnston, a 30 year casting instructor with St. Croix Rods.  Time to nerd out a bit on rods and casting. Dan shares the most important part of the fly cast and why 10-2 isn't the the best analogy to use and some tips to avoid the dreaded tailing loop.  We also here about fiberglass rods and where there place is in fly fishing.
fishing rep

WFS 501 – The Fly Fishing Rep with Dick Sagara – Lefty Kreh, Jim...

Dick Sagara who is a seasoned fly fishing rep for esteemed brands in the industry, tells us how he kick-started his career and the...
dirtbag series

WFS 498 – The Dirtbag Diaries with Fitz Cahall – Duct Tape Then Beer,...

Today, we're stoked to have Fitz Cahall, the Co-Founder and Creative Director of Duct Tape Then Beer, on our show. He's here to talk...

WFS 476 – Modern Spey Fishing with Rick Kustich – Steelhead Alley, Spey Nation,...

The one and only Rick Kustich is ready to blow our minds today with all things modern spey fishing and some exciting updates, including...
Mystic Outdoors Jeff Brady

WFS 458 – Mystic Outdoors with Jeff Brady – Fly Rods, M Series, Roosterfish

Show Notes: Sponsors: Waters West, Country Financial, Ranger Chota, Togens
caddis hatches

WFS 427 – Caddis Hatches with Craig Mathews – 1% for the Planet, Yvon...

Looking to up your game on caddis hatches? We have Craig Mathews to share his expertise on caddis flies and their history today on the Swing!
David Gravette

WFS 407 – David Gravette on Western Fly Fishing, Professional Skateboarding and Thrasher

Pro skateboarder and fly angler, David Gravette, takes us into his world of broken bones and what keeps him going strong. We hear about my...
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We are hiring!  If you want to joint Team Swing as an Account Manager and Events Planner. Click here:  WFS Account Manager Job Description...
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