Larry Dahlberg, the man behind the Dahlberg diver, flashabou and a number of other game changing products is here to share his story and the hunt for huge fish.  Larry produced and starred in a number of TV Shows and has been a big influencer for many years.

We find out why Larry doesn’t make a distinction between fly fishing and gear fishing and gets a little fired up when we dig into it today.


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larry dahlberg
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Show Notes with Larry Dahlberg

07:40 – Rowland Martin was Larry’s first connection who helped Larry get into his first TV show.   In Fisherman TV was the first show for Larry and then came the hunt for big fish.  In fisherman first introduced fly fishing for predator species.

13:25 – The Nicaragua Tarpon fishery that no body knew about at the time.

16:40 – The Dalhberg Diver


24:20 – Larry tells the story of how he invented Flashabou,  one of my favorite materials.

28:00 – Dave Whitlock was on the podcast in episode 160



29:20 – Buck Perry was the guy who invented structure and the father of modern angling.  Spoon Plugging was key for Buck.

37:00 – Pinky Gillum bamboo rods are some of the best in the world.

38:50 – St Croix River Resort from Bill Houston

41:00 – The Cow Palace Sportsmen Show

42:20 – River to Sea and the whopper plopper underwater.


You can find Larry at

hunt for big fish


Larry Dahlberg
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Larry Dahlberg Top Fishing Tips and Products

  1. Strategy – observations of food and cover
  2. Tactics – best way to cover the area
  3. Mechanics – Can I do it
  4. Flahabou
  5. Dahlberg Diver
  6. Whopper Plopper


Resources Noted in the Show

Flashabou – One of Larry’s Inventions



The Great Buck Perry


Videos Noted in the Show

The Dalhberg Diver


Whopper Plopper Underwater



Larry Dahlberg
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Conclusion with Larry Dalhberg

Larry Dahlberg shares his amazing story of influencing some of the biggest anglers from around the world with some of the products he’s developed for fly and conventional angling.