Bart Lombardo from Panfish on the Fly is here to share his top 13 goto panfish flies and a step x step guide to catching panfish in cold and warmer waters.  Bart shares the 13 flies he uses throughout the year and the tips to find fish.

Bart is another police officer who turned to fly fishing as a way to de-stress and tells a little of that story today.  This podcast is jam packed with content so click the play button below and grab some panfish knowledge!


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Show Notes with Bart Lombardo

53:10 – Fly Tying Friday on Panfish on the Fly

54:13 – Here is Bart’s Top 10 Flies for Bluegill.

1:05:20 – Pat Cohen has a creatures series and was on the podcast in episode 107 and covered deer hair poppers and his magical fly tying touch.

1:10:30 – Terry and Roxanne and Terry with their bluegill fly fishing and flies and fly fishing for crappie are two great current books available + the Sunfishes Book by Jack Ellis

1:16:50 – I noted the Dean Finnerty podcast #19 where he talked about his police days and the undercover costumes he dressed up in.

1:17:50 – Orvis store in Princeton New Jersey

orvis store


1:22:08 – Rio Grande Cichlid


13 Essential Panfish Flies

  1. The Triangle Bug


2. Soft Hackle

panfish flies - Soft hackle


3. The McGinty

The mcginty panfish fly


4. Poppers

panfish poppers


5. Marabou Damsel Fly

damsel fly for panfish


6. Wooly Worm

wolly worm


7. Brim Killer Fly

brim killer fly


8. James Wood Special

james wood special


9. Panfish Wiggler

panfish wiggler


10. Panfish Gurgler

panfish gurgler


11. Wee Frog

wee frog


12. Crappie Bucktail

crappie bucktail


13. Golden Retriever

golden retriever panfish


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Panfish Resources Noted in the Show

Rio Fantom Sinking line

fantom sinking lines


Bluegill Fly Fishing and Flies

bluegill fly fishing and flies


The Sunfishes by Jack Ellis

the sunfishes


Videos Noted in the Show

Fly Fishing for Huge Bluegill


Pat Cohen with a BIG Fly


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below:

bart lombardo panfish on the fly

Panfish Flies Conclusion with Bart Lombardo

Bart Lombardo from Panfish on the Fly is on the podcast today to shed light on what it takes to find panfish throughout the year. We dig into the top 13 flies for panfish in any situation so this one is a go-to resource.

What’s your earliest memory of fly fishing or panfish?  Leave a comment below or leave a comment on Instagram or FB here!