au sable river
As the gentle current of the Au Sable River whispered secrets of the perfect cast, our esteemed guest Josh Greenberg joined us to share the intricate dance between angler and stream. From his early days learning the ropes in Ohio’s farm ponds to the revered waters of Michigan, Josh’s journey is a testament to the lure of fly fishing and its deep-rooted traditions. In our latest episode, we unearth the enchanting world beneath the river's surface, exploring the complexities of the hex hatch and the delicate balance of conservation. Josh offers a treasure trove of stories, from the thrill of guiding at the Gates Lodge to the storied legacy left by Rusty Gates—a name synonymous with dedication and river stewardship.
backcountry skinz
Get ready to embark on a fishing adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Western Canada. Join us in this episode as we welcome Kelly Reaume, one of the Founders of Backcountry Skinz. Brothers, Mike and Kelly are two Ontario natives with an unquenchable passion for fly fishing, who have embraced the alpine lakes and rivers of Calgary and BC as their playground. Together, we explore the joy of reeling in bull trout, the thrill of being the only ones on the river, and the almost mythical allure of untouched wilderness.
Mossy Creek Fly Fishing
We're joined by Colby Trow of Mossy Creek Fly Fishing. He takes us on a journey from his early days to running a successful fly shop.
Native Fish Coalition
Today we dive into the fascinating world of fishery science and conservation with James Suleski of the Pennsylvania Native Fish Coalition. James is on a mission to bridge the gap between anglers and fisheries scientists. We explore the intricate challenges faced by native brook trout, like climate change and the impact of invasive brown trout. Tune in to learn more about the strategies, misconceptions, and hopes for protecting these precious aquatic inhabitants.
yosemite fly fishing
Today, we are joined by David Gregory and Greg Nespor from Yosemite Outfitters, a guide service in Yosemite National Park. With a wealth of experience fishing in the park, they are here to share their expertise and passion for both the sport and nature.
fly fishing olympic peninsula
In this episode, learn about Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing with Ed Fuhrken and Kyle McCurdy! Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing with Ed Fuhrken and Kyle McCurdy. Hit play below! Find the show:  iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe via RSS (Read the Full Transcript at the bottom of this Blog Post)   Sponsors and Podcast Updates   Olympic Peninsula Fly Fishing Show Notes with Ed Fuhrken and Kyle...
small stream fly fishing
Step into the world of fly fishing and outdoor exploration with Ed, an experienced angler and writer, as he shares his journey in this episode. We start by learning about Ed's involvement with the Cape Piscatorial Society and his contributions to the Piscator Journals. He offers his thoughts on Tenkara rods, providing a fresh perspective on their use. Ed also discusses his book, "The Delicate Fly Fisher," giving us a sneak peek into its various chapters that cover everything from fly tying to embracing the approach of small stream fishing.
st. joe river
Derek Darst is here to introduce us to the St. Joe River and some of his specialty fly patterns. We explore this lizard fly and some of his other unique flies as we look at his top flies for Idaho. We also learn where to look for Westslope cutthroat trout in his part of the world. Fly Fishing the St....
fishing Pennsylvania
Ralph Scherder is here to take us fishing Pennsylvania and break down traveling and fishing in the north part of PA. We'll learn more about Route 6 and why you might be interested in taking a tour up there. We learn about Dark Skies Fly Fishing as well as a breakdown of some of the most well-known trout streams...
stillwater fly lines
Today we're kicking off with Part 1 of an exciting two-part series focusing on stillwater fly lines. We'll understand why you need multiple lines to be consistently successful on lakes, and we'll be taking a close look at different types of floating lines to help you make informed choices and get the most bang for your buck. Throughout this two-part series,...
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