Lane Forrer takes us to Columbia and Ecuador as we talk about how to catch peacock bass on the fly. We hear about how he found himself setting up this program in this part of the world and how you can put together a trip to the jungle.

What’s the difference between catching a regular bass versus a peacock bass? Lane describes it all today. We also discover why Columbia is actually a great fly-fishing destination – tropical weather and Spanish-speaking species!

Peacock Bass on the Fly with Lane Forrer. Hit play below!

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Show Notes with Lane Forrer

05:00 – Lane usually uses a 7-wt fly rod for either fresh or saltwater.

05:55 – Lane’s wife is from Ecuador. They’ve been living there for more than 15 years now.

07:30 – We had Javier Guevara from Ecuador in episode 249 where we talked about arapaima fishing in the Galapagos Islands.

12:00 – Columbia is a popular fly fishing spot in South America.

24:00 – Fer de Lance is a very venomous snake that can be found in South America.

Photo by Shutterstock

29:00 – We touch on peacocks on the fly. Lane describes it as “every man’s fish of the jungle”.

32:45 – Flatwing bait fish fly looks like a deceiver.

peacock bass on the fly


39:30 – Orinoco is the main river that drains most of the rivers in South America.

42:20 – The temensis peacock bass gets really big.

peacock bass on the fly

43:45 – Payaras have scary teeth!

peacock bass on the fly

44:30 – We noted the red-tailed catfish.

46:40 – Lane breaks down the steps in getting to Bogota from the US.

You can find Lane on Instagram @laneforrerphotography

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