backcountry skinz
Get ready to embark on a fishing adventure in the breathtaking landscapes of Western Canada. Join us in this episode as we welcome Kelly Reaume, one of the Founders of Backcountry Skinz. Brothers, Mike and Kelly are two Ontario natives with an unquenchable passion for fly fishing, who have embraced the alpine lakes and rivers of Calgary and BC as their playground. Together, we explore the joy of reeling in bull trout, the thrill of being the only ones on the river, and the almost mythical allure of untouched wilderness.
montana fly company
In this episode, we delve into Montana Fly Company, exploring its rich journey, innovative products, and remarkable fly patterns, with a particular focus on their renowned boat box and the sparkle minnow. We also dig into their fly patterns, which are renowned for their effectiveness and attention to detail. He discussed the meticulous process of designing and producing these patterns, as well...
miller drift boats
Picture an eager eight-year-old, fishing rod in hand, standing by a South Dakota pond. That was Sam, embarking on a journey that would lead to a lifelong passion for fly fishing. Now, we invite you to come along as my guest Sam shares fishing tales and tips, from the peaceful corners of Eastern Idaho to the sturdy boats of Miller Drift Boats.
backpacking and blisters
Join us for an engaging episode as we kick things off with the tale of how Carl was bitten by the backpacking bug and how it eventually led to them starting a podcast. His journey began with a burning desire to be part of the adventures his high school friends embarked on, and he has never looked back since. Their podcast, Backpacking and Blisters came to life from the back of a minivan during a return trip from Glacier National Park. Their goal was to create something entertaining, something more than what was already out there, and it's safe to say they've achieved that and much more.
Jason Faerman and Justin Fuller of Yakoda Supply return today on the podcast to bring us up to speed on the exciting developments in their Colorado-based company. Delve into their commitment to supporting local craftsmanship and their strategic decision to keep all their products American-made. We'll also learn about some of their amazing products, including the Yakoda Gear Transport and their Convertible Utility Pack.
Heroes Mending on the Fly Canada
Growing up in a small town in Quebec, Gervais was introduced to the captivating sport of fly fishing by his father. The joy and serenity he found in the gentle art of angling led him to become deeply involved in the fly fishing community, even playing a key role in establishing Heroes Mending on the Fly in 2019. This episode takes you through his journey, from his first trout caught on a fly, to his work with Project Healing Waters Canada, and the formation of Heroes Mending on the Fly.
As we set off on our raft, the pristine waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River gurgled beneath us, marking the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. With Colin Hughes of Hughes River Expeditions and Nick Torres of Lamson Fly Fishing, our journey through an ecosystem teeming with West Slope Cutthroat was nothing short of a dream come true. Colin, an old hand at navigating this extraordinary river, paints us a vivid picture of the river's descent of 3000 feet over 100 miles, enriching us with tales of his experiences - from casting lines for bull trout to savoring the purest water drawn right from the riverbed.
Today, we chat with Chris Loh, the lucky winner of our Stonefly Custom Landing Net Build Out Giveaway. Chris walks us through the process of crafting his dream net with Ethan. We also delve into his journey from starting fly fishing with the guidance of Mel Krieger to his impressive 17-year tenure in jiu-jitsu.
white river fly fishing
What a treat we have in store for you in our latest episode! Drawing from the deep pool of Southern hospitality, we welcome Chad Johnson from CJ's White River Outfitters, a team that has revolutionized fly fishing for big brown trout over the past decade. We hear first-hand about his thrilling journey to become a recognized figure in the fly fishing world, and the camaraderie that made it all possible.
diy fly fishing trips
Trent Denhof and Janelle Petzak of The Bum Diary Show are here to talk about their amazing DIY fly fishing trips, particularly in Argentina and New Zealand. They'll share their incredible experiences and offer valuable tips for listeners who aspire to plan their unforgettable fishing adventures. Show Notes with Trent and Janelle on The Bum Diary Podcast. Hit play below!...
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