Rick Pope, the founder of Temple Fork Outfitters, is on the podcast to share the history of TFO rods and the impacts to the fly fishing industry.  We hear how Lefty Kreh was instrumental in elevating the company and how it all came to be.

Rick shares the background on how he started and scaled one of the big fly rods companies in the world.  This is the perfect episode if you want to hear the past, present and future plans from one of the best and most respected guys in the fly fishing business.


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Show Notes with Rick Pope

09:35 – Wanda Taylor helped TFO with their trout rods for light gear and teaches casting at her website.

10:10 – We talked about Lefty Kreh and the Lefty signature series TFO rods and the impact to the industry.

14:40 – Rick noted Redington and the mistake they made with their warranty claims.  This is what help TFO take off an grow. 

15:45 – Bob Clouser, Ed Jaworowski, Nick Carcione were all big players along with Lefty in the evolution of TFO. 

31:10 – TFO was one of the first companies to support Project Healing Waters.  I had Jerry Lorang on the podcast in episode 50. 

31:50 – Casting for Recovery, Reel Recovery and Hero’s on the Water were other big impacts for TFO.

36:30 – We talk about the BVK model rods and the double helix kevlar process to make the rod just killer.

37:20 – We talk about the new Axion models that are coming out in the fall.

39:30 – Rob Fordyce helped design some sait water rods for TFO.  Here’s a salt water tips video with Rob.

42:00 – Flip Pallot was on in episode 70 here and talked about the hurricane ripping his house apart.  Joan Wulff was on the podcast in episode 100 here.

1:01:50 – Rick talks about the Cosmic Cowboys Skeet Shooting team and how they were best in the country.

1:09:30 – Jake Jordan introduced Gary Loomis to TFO.

1:10:30 – Gary started Edge Rods which ended the TFO partnership.

1:13:40 – Cliff Pace was noted in the show here and is a bass master.


You can find Rick Pope at TFORods.com or by email at Rick@tforods.com

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Resources Noted in the Show

Lefty Kreh Signature Series

signature series


BVK Rod Series

bvk series


Videos Noted in the Show

The Axiom II Series Rods


Rob Fordyce Salt Water


rick pope and cosmic cowboys
Rick Pope and the Cosmic Cowboys – Photo via: https://shotgunsportsmagazine.com/blog/cosmic-cowboys

Conclusion with Rick Pope

Rick Pope, the founder of TFO Rods, is on the podcast to share his story about how he started a low cost fly rod company.  We talk about the importance of community and where we are all heading in the fly fishing business.

We even get a few tips on skeet shooting and bird hunting from Rick.  This one brings it all together as we talk about Flip Pallot, Gary Loomis, Lefty and all of the people who helped to make TFO Rods the company today.