Getting Started in Fly Fishing – The Best Tips from 600+ Podcast Episodes

Welcome to the Wet Fly Swing Podcast where I share the best resources to help you get started in fly fishing.  Below are the 5 biggest Tips we’ve heard more than any other on this podcast in over 600 Episodes.

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After you listen to this podcast summary on some of the best fly fishing tips over the years it’s time to break down each step of getting started in fly fishing.


Getting Started in Fly Fishing

Follow along below for some links to some of the guests we’ve had on the podcast with links to their channels where you can get started.


1. Must have Fly Fishing Gear for Beginners

Ventures Fly Co breaks down the Top 10 things you need to get started in fly fishing in this video:


2. How to Choose your First Fly Rod

Watch this video from Pete at Orvis on what you need to know before you choose a fly rod:

After you check out some of the background on the rod, it’s time to find out where to get your first fly rod.


3. Which Fly Rod Should I purchase

There are many great combo kits out there but if you wanted to choose one to get started I would give you two choices:

1. Redington Wrangler Kit  – There are a few options here based on different rod types based on which species you will be starting with.

2. JH Fly Co Crystal Creek Combo  – If you need one great rod kit to get you started for nder $200 then the JH Fly Co Crystal Creek Combo will do the trick. (Let them know you heard about this rod through the Wet Fly Swing Podcast for a special discount).

If you have a local Fly Fishing Shop near your area it’s always a good idea to stop by there for additional help.


4. How to Cast a Fly Rod

Watch this video from Brian at Mad River Outfitters on the basics of the Fly Cast:

This is the perfect video to get you started if you are brand new to fly fishing.  Brian describes fly casting as:  like throwing an paper airplane or like using a hammer or like flicking paint off of a paint brush onto a wall.  If you can do these things then that’s what a fly cast is like.

You can also listen to my podcast with Brian where he broke down more beginner tips.


5. The Top Flies for Fly Fishing

The next thing you need before you can catch a fish is a fly on the end of your leader.  Here is a video from Tom that highlights his top 12 flies for the beginner fly angler.  Watch the Top Flies for Fly Fishing here:

This is a great start if you are brand new.  You can search and buy all of these flies by clicking this link.


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Also, you can grab the PDF Download for these 5 Insights we highlighted in this episode!


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