Uncle Cheech from FlyFishFood is on the podcast today to share his top nymph fly patterns and to share his wisdom on all things fly tying and fly fishing. FlyFishFood has created on of the best online resource for finding fly materials and great fly patterns.


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Fly tying with Uncle Cheech

Nymph Fly Patterns Show Notes with Uncle Cheech

5:50 – Uncle Cheech tells the story of how he met Curtis Fry – Curtis was on the podcast in episode 40 here 

9:55 – Lance Egan was also on the podcast in episode 108 here – he’s one of the best when it comes to euro nymphing

16:00 – FlyFishFood.com is where you can buy fly tying materials and watch fly tying tutorials

16:35 – The Provo River and the Weber River are the big rivers in Utah

17:54 – The Red Dart is one of Lance’s patterns and is one of their most popular patterns – learn how to tie the Red Dart here

Red Dart Nymph Fly Patterns

20:55 – Learn how to tie the Code Cracker here – easy split case PMD nymph

The Code Cracker nymph fly pattern


21:15 – Split-case PMD nymph tutorial here

split case PMD nymph fly pattern

22:38 – Cheech fished with a Squirracell  – learn how to tie Squirracell nymph here

squirracell nymph fly pattern

 22:44 – Craig Mcdonald from Fulling Mill UK designed the Duracell – learn how to tie the Duracell nymph here

duracell nymph fly pattern

28:37 – The Ribby Pellet tutorial here – another perdigon style nymph

the ribby pellet nymph fly pattern

37:33 – The Squatchy B is a bulky stonefly pattern – Squatchy B tutorial here

Squatchy B stonefly nymph fly pattern

38:25 – The Hare Bomb is one of Uncle Cheech’s favorite euro nymph fly patterns – Hare Bomb tutorial here

hare bomb euro nymph fly pattern

43:21 – FlyFishFood.com has over 400 fly tying tutorial videos – see categories here

45:28 – Join Fly Tying with Uncle Cheech group on Facebook and follow Fly Fish Food on Instagram and on Youtube to get notified of their new videos

48:40 – Check out the Fly Fish Food’s Shop Talk Podcast playlist here

49:51 – Larry Dahlberg was on the podcast in episode 241 here

54:06 – The Masked Marauder is one of Cheech’s designs

masked marauder nymph fly pattern

54:22 – The Secret Squirrel tutorial here

secret squirrel nymph fly pattern

54:34 – The Thread Frenchie is one of Lance’s design

thread frenchie nymph fly pattern

55:09 – Mil-Spec Style tutorial here

mil-spec perdigon nymph fly pattern

1:03:19 Uncle Cheech recommends Kelly Galloup – check out KG’s videos here – Kelly was also on the podcast in episode 52 here


You can find Uncle Cheech at FlyFishFood.com


Fly Fish Food’s Top 12 Nymph Fly Patterns

  1. Red Dart
  2. Code Cracker
  3. Split case PMD
  4. Squirracell
  5. Duracell
  6. Ribby Pellet
  7. Squatchy B
  8. Hare Bomb
  9. Masked Marauder
  10. Secret Squirrel
  11. Thread Frenchie
  12. Mil-Spec Perdigon

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Here:

uncle cheech flyfishfood

KW Conclusion with Uncle Cheech

Uncle Cheech shared some of FlyFishFood’s top 12 nymph patterns. Cheech also shares the FlyFishFood story and how they created one of the largest online fly-tying resources in the world. Come join me to find out what makes Uncle Cheech tick!

Which of these nymph fly patterns is your favorite? Comment below or send me DM on Instagram.