Snake River Cutthroats
Get ready for a wild ride as we dive into an engaging conversation with Dave Pace of the Snake River Cutthroats. We'll encounter the thrill of the chase as we learn about their annual East Idaho Fly Fishing Expo. Tune in to this episode and be ready to be lured in by the adventures and initiatives of the Snake River...
John's father always said that a river could teach you a lot about life – the patience of the current, the wisdom of the rocks, the joy of a successful cast. It's this ethos that resonates so deeply with John Stenersen, our guest today, who shares his journey from the idyllic streams of Idaho to the forefront of one of the most iconic drift boat manufacturers - ClackaCraft. We wade through tales of his formative years casting lines under his father's guidance, his tenure at Jimmy's Fly Shop, and the evolution of his role at ClackaCraft, which mirrors the company's ripple effect on the fishing world.
miller drift boats
Picture an eager eight-year-old, fishing rod in hand, standing by a South Dakota pond. That was Sam, embarking on a journey that would lead to a lifelong passion for fly fishing. Now, we invite you to come along as my guest Sam shares fishing tales and tips, from the peaceful corners of Eastern Idaho to the sturdy boats of Miller Drift Boats.
As we set off on our raft, the pristine waters of the Middle Fork of the Salmon River gurgled beneath us, marking the beginning of an unforgettable adventure. With Colin Hughes of Hughes River Expeditions and Nick Torres of Lamson Fly Fishing, our journey through an ecosystem teeming with West Slope Cutthroat was nothing short of a dream come true. Colin, an old hand at navigating this extraordinary river, paints us a vivid picture of the river's descent of 3000 feet over 100 miles, enriching us with tales of his experiences - from casting lines for bull trout to savoring the purest water drawn right from the riverbed.
lodge at palisades creek
Get ready for an epic adventure at the Lodge At Palisades Creek on the South Fork of the Snake River! Justin's got an awesome story to tell—from chef to fly fishing guide to running the lodge. We find out how they won the Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year and how Orvis has supported them along the way.
fly fishing henry's fork
Get ready for an exciting episode as we take another dive into the enchanting realm of Henry's Fork - an angler's paradise. Mike Lawson, founder of Henry's Fork Anglers and a fly fishing author, is back on the podcast for the second time to take us on a captivating journey through the vibrant hatches, diverse waters, and hidden gems at Henry's Fork.
west yellow stone fly fishing
Bob Jacklin, the founder of Jacklyn's Fly Shop, is here today to share stories of his 50+ years of fishing, guiding, and teaching in the West Yellowstone area.
Jon Stiehl is here to take us to TroutHunter Lodge and how he came to own and take this famous lodge to the next level. We get the history of the ranch water. We've heard a lot about that over the years. We get some inside information on Island Park. Find out about some of the cool box canyons in...
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