Trent Denhof and Janelle Petzak of The Bum Diary Show are here to talk about their amazing DIY fly fishing trips, particularly in Argentina and New Zealand. They’ll share their incredible experiences and offer valuable tips for listeners who aspire to plan their unforgettable fishing adventures.

Show Notes with Trent and Janelle on The Bum Diary Podcast. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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diy fly fishing trips

Episode Chapters with Trent and Janelle on The Bum Diary Podcast

1:38 – Janelle shares how The Bum Diary Podcast came to be. It all started in the back of an Explorer documenting their DIY travels. They are now transitioning from podcast to YouTube at The Bum Diary Show.

5:25 – Trent shares how they DIY their fly fishing trips overseas. He also tells us about their previous trips to Argentina and New Zealand.

10:30 – Trent had a heart attack in college. After that, he went back to Michigan where he was born and raised to take over their farm until he sold it. That’s also the time when he met Janelle.

Bailing hay all day (Photo via:

13:48 – They talk about their frameless boat from Outcast Sporting Gear and that time when it was stolen in Argentina. We had Chris Callanan of Outcast on the podcast in episode 466.

diy fly fishing trips
Photo via:

17:01 – They tell us what they love about the way they’ve been doing things over the last few years. You can watch their exciting adventures on their YouTube channel at The Bum Diary Show.

19:00 – We dig into each of their first memory of fly fishing.

24:30 – Trent shares the first time they went on a fly-fishing trip to New Zealand for eight weeks.

diy fly fishing trips
Day 3 in New Zealand at Huka Falls. Words cannot express how beautiful this country is. It feels like we are in a dream. (Photo via:

25:50 – They talk about how they decide on their next destination.


27:78 – They work in Bullwinkle’s bar in Yellowstone from May to October. They go overseas from November to December, then the Florida Keys until April.

28:20 – Janelle tells about their interesting living setup in the Florida Keys.

29:38 – They give tips for anyone who wants to try a DIY fly fishing trip.

30:55 – They tell us about their setup when they travel using their Ford Explorer. Trent also gives a big tip on traveling and frugality.

34:40 – They use fly rods from Redington, particularly a 5wt. Trent also shares a tip on gear when going on a fly fishing trip. He commends Echo and Redington for their superb customer service.

diy fly fishing trips
Its pouring rain in Argentina today with a temp of about 46°. Just waiting for this weather to quit so my bff and I can get back to (Photo via:

37:00 Trent gives a shout-out to Justin Spence of Big Sky Anglers who saved their Striker raft in Argentina. He considers him as his mentor. We had Justin on the podcast in episode 227.

38:00 – I give a shout-out to Jerry French whom we also had on the show in episode 139.

38:28 – He shares the biggest thing that made an impact in his life which led him to live the way he currently does with Janelle.

diy fly fishing trips
Photo via:

41:54 – Looking ahead, they hope to visit Alaska to catch a Dolly Varden. He also shares their plans to settle down outside the country.

43:50 – I ask him about the challenges they face in their line of work.

44:40 – I give a shout-out to one of our avid listeners who are interested in DIY fly-fishing trips. Trent also shares a funny story about his dry bag and his being always overprepared on trips.

49:33 – He talks a bit about the bear attacks in Yellowstone.

55:08 – Trent’s go-to music is underground hip-hop and old country.

You can find Trent and Janelle on Instagram @TheBumDiary.

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

diy fly fishing trips

Conclusion with Trent and Janelle on DIY Fly Fishing Trips

Whether you’re dreaming of casting your line into the pristine rivers of Argentina or exploring the picturesque landscapes of New Zealand, let Trent and Janelle be your guides. Take their advice to heart, do your research, pack your gear, and set off on your own DIY fly fishing expedition.