Today on the Swing, we dive into the world of bass fishing and fly design with Adam Hudson of Blue Line Flies. We hear Adam’s early days catching bream with Walmart poppers and founding Blue Line Co.

We also explore their popular flies, like the Cooter Brown and MeeMaw, and get a behind-the-scenes look at their meticulous design process.

Plus, get an exclusive peek into Adam’s passion project, the Isuzu Project, and discover what’s in store for Blue Line Flies in 2024.

Show Notes with Adam Hudson on Blue Line Flies. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Blue Line Flies

Episode Chapters with Adam Hudson on Blue Line Flies

01:34 – Adam is from North Alabama, known more for regular bass fishing than fly fishing. He grew up near a lake famous for the Bassmaster Classic.

In late elementary school, he tried fly fishing in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park with his uncle, who inspired his interest in fly fishing.

Blue Line Flies

4:08 – Adam shared that his first flies were bream poppers from Walmart. He’d ride his bike to the golf course pond, where he began catching bream.

Occasionally, he’d also land some smallmouth, which fought hard and got him thinking about mastering the art of catching them. For Adam, this was a turning point that changed his life.

07:33 – Adam relocated to Salt Lake City around five years ago and is set to move to Boise next spring.

Blue Line Flies 

Blue Line Flies


09:30 – Blue Line Co. was founded in 2017 with his friend Hobo Steve.

11:00 – Adam said the challenge of finding bass flies is that many available options were either designed for saltwater or repurposed trout streamers or poppers.

16:46 – Adam shares insights into his home waters in Alabama.

23:38 – Adam delves into the intricacies of finding smallmouth bass.

29:05 – The Cooter Brown is one of their most popular flies. Another fly in their collection is the MeeMaw.

Blue Line Flies

34:50 – Adam walks us through creating and designing their flies. They ensure all their flies feature high-quality hooks.

36:06 – When designing a streamer, their goal is to maximize movement while minimizing the distance it covers in the water.

38:56 – Adam shares the history of @Brpatt’s Tickle Monster, a fly he considers the best crawfish fly.

Blue Line Flies

54:34 – Adam tells us about his Isuzu Project.

1:00:20 – Adam gives us a glimpse of what’s on the horizon for Blue Line Flies in 2024.

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Conclusion with Adam Hudson on Blue Line Flies

As we wrap up, I can’t help but wonder what new fly patterns and exciting projects Adam will create next.