Get ready to journey into the enthralling world of fly-tying as we bring you an episode packed with expert insights and personal anecdotes that will surely refine your fly-tying skills and deepen your appreciation for the sport. Join us as our guest, Allen Rupp, takes us down memory lane, recounting his first memory of fly fishing, his evolution in the sport, and his unique connection to the legendary Dave Whitlock. Hear about his upcoming teaching stint at the Texas and Virginia fly fishing festivals and his recent endeavors fishing for diverse species from striped bass to smallmouth bass.

Show Notes with Allen Rupp – Commercial Fly Tying. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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Allen brings his wealth of knowledge to the conversation, sharing his experience in creating custom flies for different types of fish and locations. He takes us through the creation of his popular fly, the Clouser Bend Back Minnow – a Clouser Minnow inspired with an added bend back hook and Dave Whitlock’s hard mono weed guard to relive the fly-tying legends’ legacy.

commercial fly tying

We then steer the conversation to the technical side of fly tying, delving into material selection and sharing valuable tips for beginners. We even talk about Allen’s favorite pizza, setting the stage for the upcoming beer and wine festival in Virginia. Allen returns to round up the conversation, emphasizing the art of fly tying, his big influence from Dave Whitlock, and the benefits of seeking guidance from local fly shops. It’s a whirlwind of knowledge, passion, and camaraderie—so tune in and get hooked on the fascinating world of fly tying!

Episode Chapters – Commercial Fly Tying

(0:01:01) – Fly Tying and Festivals with Dave Whitlock
Species fished, upcoming festivals, Dave Whitlock’s techniques, mentor-mentee relationship, and fly patterns.

commercial fly tying

(0:13:43) – Fly Tying Techniques and Tips
Tying techniques for saltwater flies, including attaching eyes and tails, using adhesives, and preventing tail wrapping.

(0:21:35) – Fly Patterns and Techniques for Tying
We talked about custom flies for different fish and locations.

commercial fly tying

(0:31:43) – Hook Foundations
Fly-tying tips include using Zappa Gap and tight thread wraps to secure lead eyes on hooks with a non-smooth finish.

(0:35:30) – Considerations and Tips for Fly Tying
Fly-tying for beginners, investing in a good vice and materials, and upcoming classes and festivals.


(0:46:20) – Fly Tying Techniques and Material Selection
Fly tying techniques, material selection, and evolution of style.

commercial fly tying

(0:51:16) – Art of Fly Tying and Dave Whitlock’s Legacy
Fly-tying art with Dave Whitlock, discussing weed guards, famous patterns, legacy, art, and continuing it through donations.

commercial fly tying

(0:59:34) – Vice, Pizza, and Fishing Conversations
We talked about Bob Clouser and discussed the upcoming Virginia fly-tying festival.

commercial fly tying

(1:05:26) – Fly Tying Tips and Local Shops
Fly tying art, tips for beginners, and the influence of renowned fly tier Dave Whitlock are discussed with professional fly tier Allen.

commercial fly tying

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commercial fly tying

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commercial fly tying

Conclusion with Allen Rupp – Commercial Fly Tying

In closing, our exploration of the mesmerizing world of fly-tying with Allen has been a captivating journey filled with expert insights and personal narratives. From Allen’s early experiences in fly fishing to his evolution in the sport and unique ties, each segment provided a rich tapestry of knowledge and passion. The episode delved into the intricacies of fly tying, covering techniques, material selection, and valuable tips for both beginners and seasoned enthusiasts. Allen’s creation of the Clouser Bend Back Minnow showcased a blend of innovation and tradition, paying homage to iconic patterns and the legacy of Bob Clouser and Dave Whitlock. The conversation, punctuated by delightful diversions into personal preferences, underscored the camaraderie within the fly-fishing community. As Allen emphasized the artistry of fly tying and the importance of local fly shops, the episode left an indelible mark, inviting all enthusiasts to revisit and get hooked on the fascinating world of fly tying. Until next time, tight lines and happy tying!