I am happy to share a guest fly tying video from Darren at Piscator Flies.    Darren shows us how to tie the Chaddock which was a pattern created by Karl M. Haufler.  A great pattern to imitate leeches and is great for lakes and ponds. Click Here to check out this guest video on the Chaddock:   Fly Materials for the Chaddock...
fly fishing for trout
  Trout is a name for a number of freshwater species belonging to the Salmonidae family, including salmon,trout, chars, freshwater whitefishes, and grayling. This includes Sea Trout . The main species of Trout in the UK are Brown Trout.  Fly fishing for trout is a little different in the UK, as Andy from explains below. Brown Trout Brown Trout are...
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