In this episode, learn about The Montana Fly Company with Jake Chutz.

Show Notes with Jake Chutz on Montana Fly Company. Hit play below! 👇🏻

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montana fly company

Episode Chapters with Jake Chutz on Montana Fly Company

1:53 – Jake shares an interesting story of how he got into fly fishing and ultimately worked in the Montana Fly Company.

6:48 – We talk about the Henry’s Lake area. We will fish in that area in 2024 with Phil Rowley and Darren Huntsman. Go to to get a slot.

8:40 – The Montana Fly Company was founded in 1998 by Adam Trina. Jake came to the company in 2012.

montana fly company
Adam Trina, founder of Montana Fly Company (Photo via:

11:55 – When Adam built the brand, he also started his own fly factory from the ground up.

13:38 – He shares the reasons behind the success of the Montana Fly Company.

19:22 – Phil Rowley is one of their fly designers. He talks about how he designs the flies.

21:12 – We dig into their fly boxes, particularly their boat box.

montana fly company
Photo via:

25:10 – Their website is still under construction, but he gives a sneak peek of what their clients can expect once it’s up.

29:13 – Jake gives us a primer on their flies. Sparkle minnow streamer is one of their most successful patterns in the last 25 years. Kelly Galloup designed a number of their streamers at MFC.

montana fly company
Photo via:

37:03 – We had Chad Johnson in episode 524. He has a fly named “The Big Johnson”.

montana fly company
The Big Johnson (Photo via:

38:08 – I ask him about their process in naming their flies. He also tells about that time when he met the one who named Kelly Galloup’s fly.


40:51 – One of their bestselling flies is the Purple Haze by Andy Carlson.

45:08 – He walks us through how they vet and test their fly patterns.

48:00 – Currently, they have roughly 2,300 patterns with more to come.

48:30 – We do the fly shop shout-out. He mentions Lary’s Fly and Supply and Lakestream Fly Shop.

49:30 – I throw him rapid-fire questions. He tells us his go-to fly patterns, his indicator for nymphing, his truck and boats, and his dream vehicle.

55:22 – He gives us valuable tips for fishing lakes and rivers.

You can find MFC on Instagram @MontanaFlyCompany.

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montana fly company

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montana fly company

Conclusion with Jake Chutz on Montana Fly Company

In this episode, learn about The Montana Fly Company with Jake Chutz.