Pete Erickson is here to break down the Euro Nymphing School, focusing on the South Fork of the Snake, Henry’s Fork, and some of the other great rivers in this area. Pete gives us his update since episode 118. We find out what Team USA has been up to and how that gold medal in Italy came to be. We also find out how are we going to learn these tips and tricks from the gold medal winner in our upcoming trip.

We also dig into a little history of euro nymphing and find out how you can up your game with this big trip and price pack we have going right now. Time to experience the road less traveled euro style!

Euro Nymphing with Pete Erickson. Hit play below!

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euro nymphing

Euro Nymphing Show Notes with Pete Erickson

4:15 – He gives an update since we had him in episode 118 to talk about euro nymphing tips. Teaching English at Boise School District takes a lot of his time. He mentions the travels and competitions the Team USA did.

5:53 – He tells the time when Team USA won the gold in Italy. We also had Bret Bishop, another Team USA member, in episode 368.

euro nymphing
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7:40 – He says that the euro nymphing style is different in each country you go to. You have to completely recalibrate. He also tells about that time he bumped into the French Team on the Henry’s Fork.

8:55 – He describes a marble trout which is usually found in Europe. He also tells about how they prepare before a competition.

euro nymphing
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10:47 – He shares their secret to winning the gold in Italy. He describes the glacial flour.

12:04 – I ask him if there are similarities between the waters in Europe and the stuff over here we’re gonna be hitting. We also talk about the South Fork of the Snake River and why it’s awesome to euro nymph in this area.

euro nymphing
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14:30 – He walks us through his euro nymphing program. He’s a teacher that believes in guided discoveries.

17:01 – We talk about how they came up with the term European nymphing.


20:02 – We’re giving away a trip with a bunch of gear from over 10 different companies. Head over to to join.

euro nymphing

20:40 – He shares his gears for euro nymphing. You can do it with a 9ft 5wt, but a 10 to 10 1/2ft 3wt is better. The Echo Shadow X is his favorite rod.

22:33 – We talk about the lines for euro nymphing and why these lines are so thin. He typically uses lines from Airflo and RIO.

euro nymphing
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24:42 – He gives a bit about the Euro Nymphing School we’ll be doing.

25:46 – Team USA will compete in Kamloops, BC in September. Pete grew up fishing around Kamloops. That’s where he caught his first trout when he was about 6 years old.

27:41 – We talk about fishing in Loch Leven in Scotland and the huge boats they use there for fishing. It’s the best boat he has ever lake-fished out of. This is also where he got the chance to go to the castle where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned. Her secret letters during her imprisonment were just discovered.

euro nymphing
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31:32 – We talk about our upcoming Euro Nymphing School.

34:00 – He recommends areas in Eastern Idaho that you can nymph on: the South Fork and the Henry’s Fork. The South Fork is pretty consistent, especially at that time of the year when the water is down. It’s amazing for euro nymphing.

euro nymphing
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36:32 – He breaks down what his leader looks like. In the Czech Republic, he fished a 9x. He also gives more tips on this.

40:14 – I ask him which is more important between the leader and the rod. He ranks it according to importance – leaders, rods, and then flies. He also digs into the technical aspect of casting with euro nymphing rods.

44:15 – He shares how he designed the Shadow X Rod. For him, it is the most sensitive rod out of all of them. It’s very light in the hand. It’s also Bret Bishop’s favorite rod. On their Master’s Team that won in Italy, almost all of them were using that rod.

euro nymphing
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48:15 – He tells who influenced his knowledge and style on fly fishing.

49:34 – I ask him about Tim Rajeff, the Echo fly rods co-founder. He already sold the company.

euro nymphing
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52:07 – We talk about drift boats.

53:10 – He tells what makes the South Fort of the Snake one of the greatest rivers in the country. This and the Henry’s Fork are great euro nymphing rivers.

55:48 – He tells why Eastern Idaho is a mecca for fly fishing.

56:27 – We give a shout-out to WorldCast Anglers. They have a fly shop in Victor, Idaho. Pete has been working with them since the early ’90s.

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You can find Pete on Instagram @Pete_Erickson_FlyFishing.

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euro nymphing

Conclusion with Pete Erickson

The Euro Nymphing School is a great opportunity for anglers to spend time on the water with Pete Erickson, one of the most well-respected anglers in the country for his approach to fishing.

Whether you’re a beginner at nymphing or someone who has yet to learn many of the finer points of an effective Euro-nymphing approach, we have something to offer everyone, and I encourage you to join us. Click here to enter!