fly fishing olympic peninsula
In this episode, we dive into the exciting world of Olympic Peninsula fly fishing. Join us as we explore the diverse fish species you can encounter in this region, uncover popular tourist spots that offer incredible fishing opportunities, and get an insider's perspective on the renowned Waters West Fly Shop. We'll also discuss their viral Instagram reel, where they demonstrate...
fishing Pennsylvania
Ralph Scherder is here to take us fishing Pennsylvania and break down traveling and fishing in the north part of PA. We'll learn more about Route 6 and why you might be interested in taking a tour up there. We learn about Dark Skies Fly Fishing as well as a breakdown of some of the most well-known trout streams...
fly fishing henry's fork
Get ready for an exciting episode as we take another dive into the enchanting realm of Henry's Fork - an angler's paradise. Mike Lawson, founder of Henry's Fork Anglers and a fly fishing author, is back on the podcast for the second time to take us on a captivating journey through the vibrant hatches, diverse waters, and hidden gems at Henry's Fork.
Rogue river fly fishing
Jon Hazlett is our guide today as we conquer the world of Rogue River fly fishing. We hear Jon's captivating tales, from his early guiding misadventures in Alaska to his favorite boat to use in the Rogue.
lakes in idaho
In this episode, Darren Huntsman will be sharing his expertise on some of the best top lakes in Idaho and beyond. Not only that, but he'll also be giving some game-changing tips for stillwater fishing that you won't want to miss. So if you're planning a trip to Idaho or just looking to up your fishing game, be sure to...
fishing europe
Bas Van Dam is here to take us around fishing Europe and how he has done this living out of his van. We dig into the different parts of Europe that allow this. We get a bunch of huge tips like how to find cheap houses that you can stay at that are under the radar, what the Dolomites, Italy...
snake river fly
Larry Larsen from Snake River Fly is here to break out some good stuff. We got a little inside look into a really cool tailwater fisheries.
Jon Stiehl is here to take us to TroutHunter Lodge and how he came to own and take this famous lodge to the next level. We get the history of the ranch water. We've heard a lot about that over the years. We get some inside information on Island Park. Find out about some of the cool box canyons in...
Show Notes: Sponsors: Have you ever had to uproot your entire life and go halfway across the globe to chase a dream? That’s precisely what John Bond, the owner of Rena Fish Camp, did!  We are digging into Norway Fly Fishing today on the Swing!
traveled podcast
Pete Erickson is here to break down the Euro Nymphing School, focusing on the South Fork of the Snake, Henry's Fork, and some of the other great rivers in this area. Pete gives us his update since episode 118. We find out what Team USA has been up to and how that gold medal in Italy came to be....
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