I had a chance to test out the Thermo-wade wading staff and share a quick unboxing video below.  Upon first use the staff appears very solid!  I have used some of these types of products in the past and know that durability is the key.

I’ll check back later this season to let you know how it all worked out after a full use this season.  You can find the Thermo-wade here ==>> Thermo-wade website

Click Here to watch the unboxing video:


I will not promote anything I have not used thoroughly so appreciate that this is just an unboxing video.  I will update this post later this season after I have had a chance to use the staff heavily this season.

I’ll be beating it up like I do with my own gear to make sure you can decide whether this type of product is right for you.

Also, this product is from the UK and want to hear back from Thermo-wade to make sure shipping charges are not to high.  As of now I don’t see it on Amazon so I am hoping they can clarify where you can easily purchase if interested.

I wanted to say thanks to Thermo-wade for sending the wading staff.   Looking forward to providing an update later this year.

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