In this episode, learn about Redefining Fly Fishing with RJ Hosking!

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Episode Chapters – RareWaters

(0:00:05) – Industry Disruption
RJ shares his fly fishing journey, Patagonia’s impact on the industry, and his transition to RareWaters.

(0:13:38) – Expanding Private Fishing Property Market
Nature’s growth of private fishing platform, focus on expansion, advisor guidance, organic growth, property selection, serene experiences.


(0:21:43) – Fishing Properties With Camping and Lodging
Nature’s unique offerings for anglers at, including camping, lodging, and private properties, with a community-driven approach.


(0:28:57) – Expanding Access to Fly Fishing
Transforming fly fishing industry by increasing diversity, accessibility, and environmental benefits through affordable private fishing options.


(0:43:41) – Conservation Shout Outs and Camper Life
Nature’s conservation partners, travel tips for visiting RareWaters properties, and our love for camping and fishing.

(0:52:04) – Balancing Family and Travel Responsibilities
Family, sports, and work-life balance are discussed, emphasizing the importance of involvement and a healthy culture.


(0:54:49) – Balancing Work and Family Life
Maintaining work-life balance, supporting team members, and being present in personal roles, with a focus on


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Conclusion – RareWaters

In conclusion, my conversation with RJ from RareWaters has illuminated the evolving landscape of fly fishing, revealing a narrative that transcends the traditional boundaries of exclusivity.