In this episode, we have one of the biggest names in the Driftless area give us her best tips on technical dry fly fishing and what you can do to have success on the surface.

Geri Meyer, Driftless Angler Fly shop owner and guide, is going to walk us through the steps to catching fish with dry flies. Geri shares her expert tips on catching fish with dry flies.

You’ll also learn her top three secrets to presenting the fly and discover how to fish Tricos and other species. Plus, gain insights on the best times and spots to fish in the Driftless area.

It’s all here today, and guess what? We’ve got an exciting giveaway—a spot on a huge trip happening this September!

Show Notes with Geri Meyer on Technical Dry Fly Fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Episode Chapters with Geri Meyer on Technical Dry Fly Fishing

01:42 – Geri provides a quick update on the current conditions in the Driftless region. Overall, fishing remains solid despite the challenges posed by the ongoing drought.

5:00 – Geri discusses the challenges of dry fly fishing in small, technical streams, emphasizing the need for stealth and delicate presentation.

She highlights the prevalence of blue-winged olives and Tricos as key hatches, with sizes ranging from 16 to 22.

technical dry fly fishing
Geri with a nice dry fly brown. Photo via

Presentation Techniques for Successful Dry Fly Fishing


08:00 – Geri Meyer underscores the significance of considering water conditions and adopting a stealthy approach. With potential weed obstacles and a focus on tail outs, seams, and tight banks, anglers must proceed slowly and deliberately to avoid spooking fish.

10:00 – Whether targeting specific fish or exploring promising areas, Geri emphasizes the importance of precise placement, typically aiming a foot or two ahead of the target. Additionally, she highlights the versatility of streamer fishing as an alternative strategy when traditional methods don’t produce results.

Technical Dry Fly Fishing

Exploring the Driftless Region: What Makes it so Different? 

11:38 – The term “Driftless” originates from the lack of glacial drift due to the absence of ice coverage. This resulted in the formation of spring-fed streams and picturesque landscapes, attracting anglers from far and wide.

14:00 -Geri discusses the impact of drought conditions on the spring-fed streams of the Driftless Region.

Technical dry fly fishing
Photo via

Driftless Dry Fly School Giveaway

15:14 – We discuss the upcoming trip to the Driftless Region with Geri and Jason Randall. Geri tells us about her longstanding friendship with Jason Randall, praising his expertise and fun personality. We look forward to not just fishing but also enjoying delicious meals and relaxed hangouts.

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18:17 – Geri emphasizes the importance of leveraging local expertise for a successful trip. She recommends contacting their shop, Driftless Angler, or checking their daily reports online to stay updated on hatches and conditions.

The Gunch. Photo via

21:00 – Geri shares essential fly patterns to include in our boxes for late September fishing. Here are some recommendations:

  • Parachute Adams in sizes 12 to 18
  • Trico patterns
  • Micro olive patterns
  • Terrestrial patterns such as hoppers, preferably in natural colors
  • Cricket patterns like the Marsh Cricket

Essential Casting Tips for Success in the Driftless Area

25:00 – Geri emphasizes the importance of precision over distance, noting that shorter, more accurate casts are often more effective than long ones. She encourages anglers to hone a solid 25-foot cast, allowing for better control and presentation.

Additionally, Geri highlights the significance of delicate casting to avoid splashing. While precise casts are crucial, a subtle movement can sometimes be advantageous.

Choosing the Right Gear for the Driftless Area

42:00 – When it comes to gear selection for dry fly fishing in the Driftless Region, consider the following recommendations:

Rod Selection

  • Opt for rods in the 3 to 5 weight range.
  • A 4-weight rod is versatile and suitable for various fishing conditions.
  • A 3-weight rod excels in perfect conditions with abundant hatches.

Glass rods offer a soft presentation and precise casting, ideal for shorter casts and precise placement in tight spots. However, if you’re new to using glass rods, practice casting beforehand and adjust your technique and timing for optimal performance.

Leader Setup

Start with a 9-foot 4X leader and adjust based on conditions. Use a 4X tippet and tie it to the leader with a surgeon’s knot.

You can find Geri Meyer on Instagram @driftlessangler and @womensflyshop.

Facebook at Driftless Angler

Visit their website at

technical dry fly fishing


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Conclusion with Geri Meyer on Technical Dry Fly Fishing

Are you as excited as me to get on the water and check out the Driftless, this amazing part of the world? We’re gonna be heading there this fall and the fall colors are gonna be shining. We’re gonna be hitting some organic food at our all-inclusive event.

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