Today we're joined by Riley Laboe, Kye Petersen, and the legendary Feet Banks. These guys are all enthusiastic steelhead anglers with interesting stories to tell. Riley is a retired pro skier and talented filmmaker. Kye is one of the most influential free-skiers in the world. And Feet is a writer who also happens to be the Editor of Mountain Life Magazine. Stick around with us today as we explore the connection between life on the mountains and chasing fish in the valley. These guys have some great insight for anyone looking to fish for early-season winter steelhead. Alright, let's get going. It's time to get in the bucket.
Welcome to a brand-new channel, "In the Bucket" with Brian Niska, where we highlight the essence of spey fishing and the vibrant steelhead culture, particularly in the enchanting Skeena region. Listen in as we share the thrilling transition from guest to host, unveiling our podcast's unique format that mirrors the spirited banter among friends after a day by the water. This episode isn't just for the steelhead enthusiasts; it's a treasure trove for all passionate about the fly fishing community and the profound connections it nurtures.
Today we go fishing for carp with none other than Bill Marts. We explore Bill's invaluable tips on targeting carp in Banks Lake and discover the story behind the Schmoots Clooper Invitational.
grand river fly fishing
If you've ever wondered what it takes to become an expert in fly fishing, you're in for a treat. Brace yourselves as we're joined by Tyler Dunsmore, a well-seasoned guide and casting instructor. Tyler has clocked in countless hours on the water, from guiding trips for Atlantic salmon in the Miramichi River to exploring the interior of BC for trout and Atlantic salmon. His experiences, adventures, and triumphs in the industry are a testament to his love for the sport. Tyler also takes us back to the time he decided to put down roots by the Grand River with his wife and start a family.
great lakes dude
Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into Steelhead Alley this year with some bonuses and a big trip! We talk about what you can expect for that trip to Steelhead Alley with me, Jeff Liskay, Rick Kustich, and a bunch of other anglers, and why you should be excited about it!
chagrin river outfitters
Dan Pribanic is here today to take us to Chagrin River Outfitters, the Steelhead Alley area, and some fishing tips and tricks. We discover which strains of steelhead they are hitting up there in that part of Lake Eerie. We also get his take on single-hand versus two-handed rods and spey. We also dig into which other species he's...
Rogue river fly fishing
Jon Hazlett is our guide today as we conquer the world of Rogue River fly fishing. We hear Jon's captivating tales, from his early guiding misadventures in Alaska to his favorite boat to use in the Rogue.
Great Lakes fly fishing
Get ready to catch the big one as we jump back into Great Lakes fly fishing today. We know how much you love this, so we're serving up another dose of steelhead wisdom and adventure from the Great Lakes Dude, Jeff Liskay.
simon gawesworth
Simon Gawesworth is back on the podcast to drop some spey knowledge bombs all day long. We're going to discover which spey line and tip you need for trout and steelhead this year. We find out what Simon's schools look like and we get a rundown of what event you'll find Simon this year. We also dig into his new...
skeena steelhead
Brian Niska is back on the show to take us into Skeena steelhead fishing. Brian paints the picture of what you can expect if you're putting out a trip together to the Skeena Spey Lodge.
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