fly fishing new york
Jay Peck is here to walk us through fly fishing New York, and some of the rivers he guides and fishes. We discover his egg setup and how he fishes it, some tips for handling your line and fishing on the water, and an overall primer to fish one of the great states in the union. Get ready to put...
fishhound expeditions
Adam Cutthriel is back on the podcast to take us into one of the great steelhead rivers around the world - Kodiak!
Ohio Steelhead
Jeff Liskay is back on the podcast to take us back into some tips on swinging flies for Lake Erie steelhead. We find out which spey casting tips Jeff gave me on our trip to Ohio. We also get the low down on the plan for next year's Steelhead School trip that is gonna be changing. We might be...
fly fish portland
Eric Leininger from Fly Fish Portland takes us into his background as a guide in Alaska and around the West.
aqua flies
Stuart Foxell from Aqua Flies is here today to talk about steelhead and kings, fishing in Alaska West and Scotland.
Brian Niska from Skeena Spey Lodge takes us to the Skeena River and basin with a focus on swinging flies for main-stem steelhead.
intruder flies
Jerry French, steelhead flies innovator, shares the story of how Intruder flies, Skagit Spey lines, and short Spey rods came to be.
spey casting lesson
Charles St. Pierre from Northwest Spey Casting is here to teach us how to up our Spey game with a ton of great tips for Spey casting.
skagit river
Scott Willison, owner and founder of the Confluence Fly Shop, takes us into the Skagit River to target bull trout, cutthroat, and coho.
steelhead shcool
We have launched the Steelhead School giveaway and you have a chance to win an all expenses paid trip to steelhead alley to up your spey game and get into some steelhead! The Steelhead School Giveaway Enter to Win Here:   The Steelhead School with Jeff Liskay We are also offering 6 slots if you want to pay in advance and go on...
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