Simon Gawesworth is back on the podcast to drop some spey knowledge bombs all day long.

We’re going to discover which spey line and tip you need for trout and steelhead this year. We find out what Simon’s schools look like and we get a rundown of what event you’ll find Simon this year. We also dig into his new role at Far Bank.

RIO Products, Skagit, and Scandi with Simon Gawesworth. Hit play below!

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simon gawesworth

RIO Products, Skagit, and Scandi Show Notes with Simon Gawesworth

3:46 – Simon tells us what has been keeping him busy. He transitioned from Brand Manager in RIO to Education and Engagement Manager for Far Bank.

4:54 – He describes the trips and programs they conduct at Far Bank.

simon gawesworth
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7:59 – He talks a bit about that time he’d been in Skeena Spey Lodge.

9:00 – He differentiates a fishing school from a clinic.

10:42 – He tells more about the Skeena Spey Lodge.

simon gawesworth
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11:53 – We talk about their transition to online video education.

12:58 – Just last year, they released the second season of their education series. You can access their videos here.

15:40 – We dig into rods. For steelhead, he recommends a 7wt or an 8wt.


16:50 – He recommends what fly lines to use for a 12 or 13 ft 8wt rod. He mentions their 550gr and the 575gr Skagit lines and RIO Scandi.

simon gawesworth
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19:50 – I ask about running lines. He says that the low-stretched shooting lines are the best for hooking and landing a fish.

27:57 – He encourages listeners to check their video on how to choose a sink tip.

28:55 – I ask him about the story behind the T tips.

30:26 – We dig into the RIO Skagit Mow Tips.

simon gawesworth
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34:45 – We talk about trout spey.

38:03 – He compares the Skagit vs Scandi on casting.

42:41 – He tells about the biggest struggle that he has observed among people learning to cast.

45:33 – I ask him if he is interested in doing casting competitions.

47:29 – He shares his love for traveling.

You can find Simon on Instagram @SimonGawesworth.

YouTube @FarBank

Visit their website at

simon gawesworth

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

simon gawesworth

Conclusion with Simon Gawesworth

Simon’s insights on the spey lines and tips for trout and steelhead fishing were informative and exciting. It’s clear that he is a dedicated and knowledgeable member of the fishing community, and we’re grateful for his contributions.

We look forward to seeing him at upcoming events and following his future endeavors. Happy fishing!