Today on the Littoral Zone, we explore dry fly strategies and tactics with Jeff Perin, owner of Fly Fisher’s Place in Sisters, Oregon.

Show Notes with Jeff Perin on Dry Fly Strategies and Tactics for Stillwaters. Hit play below! 👇🏻



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Jeff Perin

Episode Chapters with Jeff Perin on Dry Fly Strategies and Tactics for Stillwaters

03:00 – Jeff Perin discusses his extensive travel experiences, leading trips from Belize to Argentina and exploring Patagonia.

05:00 – Jeff Perin recounts his unforgettable fishing expedition to Tasmania after encountering lodge owners Peter and Karen Brooks during the 50th-anniversary conclave of Fly Fishers International.

11:00 – At 55, Jeff contemplates retirement but remains dedicated to his shop, The Fly Fisher’s Place, which is now in its 34th year.

Jeff Perin

12:49 – Jeff highlights some of the special lakes in Oregon, mentioning the renowned Crane Prairie Reservoir along with lesser-known gems.

15:18 –  The Hosmer Lake once had Atlantic salmon. However, around a decade ago, the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife discontinued the Atlantic salmon stocking program and introduced cutthroat trout.

16:38 – Jeff says Eastlake is the prime callibaetis fishery in central Oregon, and arguably the top one in the state.

19:30 – Jeff believes that his clients find enjoyment not just in his humor and camaraderie, but also in the consistent success of catching fish, which he attributes to his emphasis on dry fly fishing.


Jeff Perin

30:30 – Jeff walks us through his preferred gear. Jeff primarily uses Sage rods, like the Sage R8 and some older Sage X models.

33:25 – Jeff opts for Rio Power Flex leaders when dry fly fishing, appreciating the thicker butt section for improved turnover, especially on windy days. He prefers Fluoroflex Plus fluorocarbon tippets in sizes 3X through 6X.

Photo via

42:40 – Jeff enjoys using multiple flies when fishing dries personally, but acknowledges challenges when guiding due to tangle concerns and the time required for adjustments.

49:45 – Jeff explains what a drogue is and why it’s such a neat tool to use on still waters.

Jeff Perin’s Favourite Stillwater Dries and Emergers


• Jeff’s Jiggy Beetle #12-16
• Quigley’s Flag Ant #14-18
• RIO’s Juicy Hopper, Pink, and Tan #8-12

RIO’s Juicy Hopper Pink


• Harrop’s Captive Dun #14-18
• Lafontaine’s Halo Emerger #14-18
• Comparadun #14-15-16-17

Captive Dun


• Tom Thumb #8-10
• X Caddis-Black #16-18


• Chubby Chernobyl-Blue #10-12

You can find Jeff here:

Instagram: @TheFlyFishersPlace


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Jeff Perin

Conclusion with Jeff Perin 

A heartfelt thank you to Jeff Perin for sharing his passion for stillwater fly fishing, particularly the thrill of catching trout on dries and emergers.

For more valuable insights, visit The Fly Fisher’s Place website, explore Jeff’s blog, and connect with him on Instagram and Facebook.