bow river
In this episode, we'll hear the incredible stories and adventures of Barry, a seasoned guide on Bow River. From his unexpected start as a boat rower to becoming a guide in 1977, Barry's story is full of exciting twists. Get ready to be amazed as he tells us about his unforgettable moments with famous angler Lefty Kreh and the fascinating history and geology of the area.
Gord Pyzer, one of the most well-known researchers and fishermen for musky, is on the podcast today. He takes us into the Lake of the Woods and some of the great species that this place offers. We get into some big tips on chasing big predators. We get a little background on the seminar program that he does around the...
bull trout fly fishing
Skeed Borkowski is here today to take us into the Northern Lights Lodge and the wilderness of Northern British Columbia.
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