In this episode, we’ll hear the incredible stories and adventures of Barry, a seasoned guide on Bow River. From his unexpected start as a boat rower to becoming a guide in 1977, Barry’s story is full of exciting twists. Get ready to be amazed as he tells us about his unforgettable moments with famous angler Lefty Kreh and the fascinating history and geology of the area. Find out how the river’s landscape has changed over time due to big floods that reshaped the map.

We discover the secrets of fishing the Bow River, including the best times to fish it and fly patterns to use. Barry’s expertise shines as he reveals the magic of fishing in July when the days are long and you can fish late into the night. Learn about Barry’s exciting floating adventures, how he adapts to different clients’ skills, and the fly shops that keep the fishing spirit alive in Calgary. And before we wrap up, we take a sneak peek into Barry’s book, “My Bow River,” filled with captivating fish pictures. Get ready to dive into the world of the Bow River, its hatches, and the enduring love for this incredible Canadian gem.

Fly Fishing Bow River with Barry White. Hit play below!

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bow river

Show Notes with Barry White – Bow River Fly Fishing

03:40 – We talk about what makes Banff a National Park in Canada.

04:30 – Barry shares the story of how Jim McLennan offered him to row their boat at Bow River Company and after one week started guiding for them. This was 1977.

bow river

07:10 – Lefty Kreh and Barry did a video on the Bow River. Unfortunately, we can’t find that video on YouTube. They spent 6 days on the boat, fishing

13:00 – Bow River flows through Hudson Bay. Barry talks a little bit about the geology and history of the area.

15:30 – Barry talks about how the 3 major floodings widened the rivers in Alberta since the 1980s. Some islands disappeared on the map too.

bow river
Photo by CBC.Ca

20:00 – Barry tells the story of when Lefty flew into town. Days before that, they had a rainstorm which added 5 feet of water to the river, making it totally unfishable. When Lefty arrived, it went back to normal and they had great fishing.

23:40 – July is the best time to fish the Bow River since the water gets shallow and clean which the fish loves.


27:45 – The longest distance Barry floated is 20 miles which took him 6-7 hours. He tells us how he did it.

bow river

37:10 – Barry’s setup depends on his client’s ability to cast.

37:50 – A Chernobyl Ant pattern makes a good stonefly pattern. The Girdle Bug pattern makes a good dropper. Barry also like Whitlock’s Beadhead Squirrel Nymph.

43:50 – In July, it doesn’t get dark in Alberta until 11 pm so they can fish from 6 am to 11 pm.

47:00 – Barry talks about the book he wrote, My Bow River. This book is filled with fish pics.

bow river

52:20 – Barry talks about the different hatches they have throughout all seasons.

54:00 – Barry used to own 6 boats. Now he only has 1 and it’s 35 years old.

bow river

59:00 – We hear a story of when Barry dumped their boat during a guided trip.

1:02:15 – We noted some fly shops in Calgary including the Fishin’ Hole Fly Shop, Fish Tales Fly Shop, and Bow River Troutfitters.

You can find Barry at

Facebook at Barry White – The Fly Fisherman

Give him a call at 780-999-0695 or send him an email at

Bow River Videos by Barry White

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Bow River Conclusion with Barry White

In conclusion, this show provided a fascinating exploration of the Bow River and its significance as part of Banff National Park in Canada. Barry, the guest speaker, shared captivating stories and insights about his experiences guiding and fishing on the river. He discussed the geology, history, and environmental changes that have shaped the area, including the impact of major floodings.

The discussion also touched on the best time to fish the Bow River, recommended fly patterns, and the diverse hatches throughout the seasons. Barry’s book, “My Bow River,” was mentioned as a valuable resource filled with fish pictures. The episode concluded with a mention of fly shops in Calgary, providing useful information for those interested in exploring the area further. Overall, this show was an engaging and informative journey into the world of fishing on the Bow River.