Lesley Peterson, Conservation Director of Trout Unlimited Canada, talks about her involvement with the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club and Trout Unlimited Canada, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary. She discusses issues like urban and sediment runoff that pollute river systems and how TU Canada has a project to rescue fish in irrigation canals, having already rescued over a million fish.

Lesley also talks about the Athabasca Rainbow Trout and the ways you can get involved in TU Canada’s conservation efforts. This episode also mentions other notable conservationists and organizations who’ve done amazing work in stream restoration and conservation as a whole.

Trout Unlimited Canada with Lesley Peterson. Hit play below!

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trout unlimited canada

Show Notes with Lesley Peterson

04:00 – Lesley is a part of the Calgary Women Fly Fishers Club.

04:50 – We talk about Trout Unlimited Canada. They just celebrated their 50 years anniversary.

12:50 – We talk about Urban and Sediment runoff that pollutes the river systems and ultimately, the fish.

15:20 – They have a project that rescues fish in the irrigation canals. They’ve rescued over a million fish now.

trout unlimited canada

18:50 – We talk about the difference between the Athabasca Rainbow trout versus a regular Rainbow trout.

trout unlimited canada
Photo Courtesy of Alberta Wilderness Association

19:45 – You can donate or volunteer for their program. Lesley talks about the other ways to get involved..

trout unlimited canada


22:30 – Lesley is the Conservation Director at TU Canada.

31:28 – We talk about Phil Rowley being the former Marketing and Communications Director of TU Canada. Phil’s got his own segment on our podcast called, The Littoral Zone.

trout unlimited canada

33:15 – We talk about Cows & Fish, how this organization came to be, and its mission.

36:30 – She noted Jack Imhof who was the National Biologist/Director of Conservation in Canada for 10 years. He’s done so much amazing work and taught many people about stream restoration.

trout unlimited canada

42:00 – Lesley majored in Conservation Biology in Edmonton, Alberta where she got really interested in conservation.

42:45 – The Executive Director of TUC, Silvia D’Amelio is a Biologist too. She’s been with TUC for 20 years.

trout unlimited canada

46:00 – She noted Sporkful Podcast which she listens to a lot. Also Archored by April Volkey. We had April on the podcast way back in 2018 at WFS 30.

You can find TU Canada on Instagram @tucanada

Visit their website at TUCanada.org

trout unlimited canada

Videos Noted in the Show

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

Trout Unlimited Canada Conclusion with Lesley Peterson

In this episode, we spoke with Lesley, the Conservation Director at Trout Unlimited Canada (TUC). We explored TUC’s 50-year history and the issue of urban and sediment runoff polluting rivers and harming fish populations. Lesley highlighted TUC’s impressive fish rescue project, which has saved over a million fish from irrigation canals. We also discussed the unique characteristics of the Athabasca Rainbow trout.

Listeners were encouraged to support TUC through donations and volunteering. We mentioned key figures like Phil Rowley and Cows & Fish, and Lesley’s admiration for Jack Imhof’s work in stream restoration. Lesley also mentioned Silvia D’Amelio, TUC’s Executive Director, and shared her favorite podcasts. Overall, this episode shed light on Trout Unlimited Canada, conservation efforts, and the inspiring individuals making a difference in environmental protection.