Gareth Jones from Airflo Fishing is here today to break down their products and everything they have going. We dig into a lot of the tech behind Airflo and how they make PVC-free fly lines that last. Why is Airflo becoming a top choice for anglers around the world today and what makes their fly lines special? Listen to this episode to find out.

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Show Notes with Gareth Jones

05:00 – Gareth became the youngest stillwater National Champion in the UK at 19 years old.

06:20 – Paul Burgess invented Airflo fly lines. He was an incredible Engineer.

09:10 – Airflo is the only fly line company that produces polyurethane lines. Polyurethane plastic doesn’t require any solvent to make it liquid.

16:50 – Phil Rowley had been on the podcast a few times in episodes 267, 307, and 308B

24:30 – Gareth recommends the power taper

35:00 – Gareth talks about how they test out their lines before it hits the market.

37:45 – Gareth doesn’t usually clean his lines.

41:35 – We had Jarvis from Monic Fly Lines who taught us how to choose a fly line.

45:45 – He tells us how the welded loop came to be.


50:00 – Gareth describes why using a poly leader is the best way of connecting the fly line to the tippet.

54:55 – Gareth talks about why they put ridges on their fly lines.

59:20 – He recommends the universal saltwater fly line for saltwater fishing.

1:00:00 – They also have a line specifically designed for redfish.

1:04:00 – Gareth mentioned Rene Harrop who’s a famous angler in Henry’s Fork.

1:05:30 – “Find the fish. Have a plan to find the fish”. Gareth explains.

You can find Airflo on Instagram @airflofishing

Visit their website at

airflo fly lines

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