Shaun Jeszenka, the owner of Frontier Anglers, takes us into Western Montana to explore some of its most well-known rivers – the Beaverhead, Big Hole, and Ruby Rivers. We break down some of the big hatches you can expect, as well as the best times to fish in this area to target big browns and steelhead. Shaun also tells us about their upcoming trips to Belize and the Bahamas next year that you can join. Check it out!

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fly fishing in montana

Show Notes with Shaun Jeszenka

06:00 – Shaun talks about the Beaverhead River

08:25 – Shaun started out as a guide in Southwest Montana (1990)

09:45 – Frontier Anglers was opened in 1980 by Tim Tollett. In 2019, Shaun bought the fly shop.

12:45 – Joe Cermele was recently on the podcast in episode 378.

17:50 – They have a massive hatch of crane flies around the 20th of August.

27:50 – We talk about fishing the Big Hole River – Salmon hatch fly here is great in June.

29:40 – Shaun describes the Water Walker fly

31:15 – Most of the waters in Ruby River are difficult to access

32:20 – The combination of the Riverhead, Big Hole, and Ruby River is the Jefferson River. Fishing here is good but seasonal.


42:30 – Steve Wilson was on the podcast in episode 105. Steve joined Frontier Anglers and manages the shop.

45:30 – Southwest Montana has one of the best elk populations. There are tremendous opportunities for hunting there.

52:20 – Frontier Anglers will be hosting 3 trips to Belize on March 2023 and a trip to the Bahamas in February – visit their website to learn more about this.

53:30 – They have a trip to the Illusion Peninsula for king salmon

You can find Frontier Anglers on Instagram @frontieranglersflyshop

Visit their website at

fly fishing in montana

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