Here’s the 7 Minute Maintenance Workout

I mixed up the podcast today with my interview with online fitness coach Jimmy Kim from Remix My Fitness dot com.  We talk about some easy activities to keep you injury free and increase your longevity and time on the water.

Jimmy talks about my journey on his podcast, the most common fly fishing injuries and why biking is one of the most important things you can do.  Let’s get into it, this was a lot of fun.


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Show Notes with Jimmy Kim

Click here for the 7 Minute maintenance workout that Jimmy Shared

06:00 –  Here’s a link to the remix my fitness podcast that covers my fitness journey.

17:20 – Reddit “Ask Arnold” is a cool piece on Reddit where Arnold Schwarzenegger  answers listener questions.

31:00 – Link to my workout where I’m only doing about 20-30 minutes per day.

31:30 – Here’s the 7 minutes maintenance workout

36:45 – I talked to my dad in episode 31 where we covered his 30 year guiding career.

57:10 –  The food app that keeps track of your daily calories on ios.

59:40 – is Jimmy’s best online resource he recommends.

1:06:20 – My Facebook video’s can be found in Jimmy’s Remix My Fitness community.



Here’s a link to the Remix My Fitness Podcast, here’s the Remix Challenge and here’s a link to Jimmy’s facebook community.


remix my fitness

“You have to shock your muscles.”

-Arnold Schwarzenegger


Conclusion with Jimmy Kim

That was a little different episode but hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.  If nothing else, this episode should get you thinking about some easy ways to stay healthy for your next big trip.

I’ve had a lower back struggle for a number of years and something I hope to remove this year.  You can find out why I’m learning to do a handstand in todays episode.



  1. A very informative interview. As a 74 year old steelheader I now come off the water with pain in the hamstrings and sciatica. In Your interview Jim referenced a video of his 7 minute workout that he making available to your listeners. How do I find it? Thanks for the podcasts.