Roger Maves is hear to share the story of how he started Ask About Fly Fishing way back in 2006, before podcasting was really even a word.  We also here about Roger’s fly fishing digital marketing agency in the second show today.

I put together a unique episode where mid way we transfer over to the Outdoors Online Marketing Podcast and a chat about the business services that Roger provides for fly fishing brands.

Click here to listen second half of this podcast and the full business podcast for this episode.


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Ask About Fly Fishing Show Notes with Roger Maves

05:10 – The Itinerant angler started about the same time as Ask about fly fishing way back in 2006.

08:15 – I note the Pete McBride episode that I put together and the drift boat series we are doing covering the history of drift boats and the companies that build them.

09:50 – We talk about the Feather Thief book and the author who Roger had on his podcast.

12:30 – Instant TeleSeminar is the software that Roger uses for live podcast recording.

19:10 – MidRoll is one of the big podcast advertising companies but may not apply directly to fly fishing.

22:00 – Fly Fishing Digital Marketing Group – Click here and listen to the second half of this show where we talk about digital marketing with Roger.

28:00 – We talked about Roger Fletcher who is a drift boat historian and was on the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast.


33:00 – Denny Rickards was on the podcast here in episode 64.

36:00 – I had Martin Joergensen on the podcast from the Global Fly Fisher.


You can find Roger at Ask About Fly Fishing here.


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roger maves

Ask About Fly Fishing Conclusion 

Roger Maves, host of the Ask About Fly Fishing Podcast, is here to share some of the history of how he started way back in 2006.  He also digs into his fly fishing digital marketing agency. 

We go deep into the business side of fly fishing and how he serves his audience with his current show and a brand new website focused on digital marketing for fly fishing brands.