Shawn McQuade, the McFly Angler on Youtube walks us through his list of fly tying supplies and some tips and tricks on tying and buying products.  Shawn has been able to grow one of the largest fly tying channels in the youtube space.


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 Show Notes – Fly Tying Supplies and Tips

04:00 – John Mauser was on the podcast in episode 251 and talked about the step x step on redfish.

08:50 – Podscribe is a great service for transcripts.  Take a look at the bottom of this post for the transcript.

12:50 – Risen is one of Shawn’s sponsors.  Here’s a Risen reel review.

13:30 – Cheech was on the podcast here and shared his top nymph patterns.

14:10 – The Anvil Atlas Fly Tying video review from Shawn’s early days.

14:40 – Oasis benches were noted by Shawn.  This type of bench has been around for a long time in the tying world.

oasis bench



21:20 – Fly Tyers Dungeon was on the podcast in episode 82 here.   We discussed the difference in price between congo hair vs EP fiber.  The EP founder, Enrique Puglisi was on the podcast in episode 210. 

26:20 – Living Waters Fly Shop was noted by Shawn as one of the great Texas shops.

35:40 – Stonflo bobtech1 bobbin is one of the goto bobbins for Shawn.

stonflo bobtech


39:00 – Veevus threads were highlighted at this point in the episode.

40:20 – Griffin hare stacker

46:20 – Davie McPhail is one of the great youtube fly tyers on the planet.

54:50 – Gurgler video for panfish and woolly bugger video


55:30 – The Only Nymph Pattern you Need to Learn – Watch Here!

1:03:05 – Tom Whiting was on the podcast and shares the background of one of the great genitics expert in fly fishing.  Scroll to the bottom of this post to see this episode.


You can find Shawn at the McFly Angler on youtube.

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7 Favorite Fly Tying Supplies via the McFly Angler

  1. The Oasis Fly Tying BenchesThe portability of the Oasis bench gives the tyer the freedom to tie in various locations.
  2. The Renzetti Traveler True Rotary Vise – First introduced in 1988. Since then, it has become the most popular vise in the world.
  3. Stonflo Elite Bobbin – A top quality weighted stainless steel bobbin with quick adjusting disc-drag that allows a perfect thread tension.
  4. VEEVUS Thread – Based in Denmark, has created a range of light, strong fly tying thread with a wide selection of colors.
  5. Cut Down Toothbrush – You can use an old toothbrush, which has been worn or you can blow the money or a brand spanking new one.
  6. Hareline Material Clamp Set – A handy material clamp for CDC, soft hackles and deer/elk hair.
  7. Griffin Hair StackerBlue anodized, machined aluminum, adjustable base, with polished brass barrel.


Resources – Fly Tying Supplies and Tips

Oasis Bench review



Videos – Fly Tying Supplies and Tips

David McPhail Video


Using Hair Stackers with Jay



Need to Breathe – Oh Carolina


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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below

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Fly Tying Supplies Conclusion with Shawn McQuade

Shawn McQuade from the McFly Angler, one of the largest fly tying youtube channels online shares his best tips and trick with a focus on fly tying supplies.  We focus on alternative materials and how he serves his subscribers.

What is the weirdest material you have ever used to tie a fly with?  Leave a comment below or @ mention us on Instagram @wetflyswing here.