sharpen your hook

Do you sharpen your hook on a regular basis?   A fish’s mouth is hard and tough.  Although steelhead often hit like a freight train, they can also take super subtly.  Just as light as a tip-tap is sometimes all you feel.  Take a look at Tip #1 here for clarification.

A sharp hook can mean the difference between just getting a light touch or getting a solid hook up with a fish.

You can get a cheap hook sharpener like this one to keep your hooks sharp before each session and as your hook dulls with each fish.  It only takes a few seconds and can produce huge returns.

Here’s how to sharpen your hook.  Just a couple of glides across the hooks

Interested in checking if your hook is sharp?   Just point the hook down towards your fingernail, then drag it across the nail.

If it makes an edge cut into your nail, it’s sharp.  If it slides across without effort, it still needs some work to hone the edge.


Follow the directions above to determine if your hook is sharp.  If it’s not sharp, either sharpen it or put on a new fly.  Doing this one simple act will help you catch more fish.

You don’t want to miss any opportunity in steelhead fishing!  Do you have a different way to sharpen hooks.  Leave a comment below and let us know.  Thanks!



    • Yeah, I knew you would like that. Thanks for the comment. I’m planning on submitting a guest post on Orvis’ blog this week. I’ll let you know how it goes and if it gets published. The article is a beginner steelhead fishing article that discusses the debate over swinging flies vs. nymphing.