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We have a fun show planned with an international crew of fly tyers, including Stu Fox, Eric Leininger, and Scoot Mason. These three characters have a wealth of angling experience to share with you. We're gonna be talking food source, fly design, new and effective mending strategies, productive fly presentation, and innovative topwater techniques for king salmon. And how do you best turn steelhead bites into hooked fish... so lots of stuff coming your way today.
In this episode, learn more about Freshwater Sight-Fishing with Craig Bailey! Show Notes with Craig Bailey on Freshwater Sight-fishing. Hit play below! 👇🏻 Find the show:  iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast Subscribe on Android Subscribe on Apple Podcasts Subscribe via RSS (Read the Full Transcript at the bottom of this Blog Post)   Sponsors and Podcast Updates   Episode Chapters with Craig Bailey on Freshwater Sight-fishing 1:28 - Craig grew up in Cincinnati and it...
Today we go fishing for carp with none other than Bill Marts. We explore Bill's invaluable tips on targeting carp in Banks Lake and discover the story behind the Schmoots Clooper Invitational.
skinny water
In today's episode, the Dude Jeff Liskay chats with one of the best shallow-water fly anglers, Dave Hurley.
virginia fly fishing
Christian Miles takes us into Virginia today as we talk about some of the great waters and flies that have come out of this historic part of the country.
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