Today we go fly fishing for carp with none other than Bill Marts. We explore Bill’s invaluable tips on targeting carp in Banks Lake and discover the story behind the Schmoots Clooper Invitational.

Plus, don’t miss the stories behind Bill’s iconic fly patterns and the tattoos that commemorate them. Grab your earphones because this one is packed with carp wisdom and captivating stories.

Fly Fishing for Carp with Bill Marts. Hit play below!



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Fishing for Carp

Fly Fishing for Carp Show Notes with Bill Marts

03:00 – Bill’s fishing roots trace back to his younger years in Oklahoma, armed with nothing more than a cane pole, bobber, worms, and a minnow. Despite the absence of any fly fishing enthusiasts in his family, Bill’s interest was piqued through books and television shows.

06:43 – Bill tells us how he started his own fly shop, Blue Dun, in Wenatchee. He worked at REI for a long time and always dreamed of having his own fly shop.

08:30 – Bill and his brother have put together an award-winning movie in 1976 called Angler’s Autumn.

10:00 – In 2005, he decided to give up his fly shop as he was offered a position in the travel department at The Fly Shop.

Schmoots Clooper

17:30 – Bill got into carp fly fishing during the early ’90s after a float trip down the Winchester Wasteway with his wife. It was during this time that his friend, Darc Knobel, who once worked with him in Wenatchee, also became intrigued by the idea.

Darc now runs his own fly shop, Desert Fly Angler, in Ephrata, Washington. Together, they eventually unlocked the secret to successfully catching carp.

21:00 – In the late ’90s, they kicked off the Schmoots Clooper invitational. The name was inspired by a paragraph in John Gierach’s book.


Fishing for Carp

30:00 – Bill gives valuable tips for successfully targeting carp in Banks Lake and similar waters.

34:00 – Bill’s go-to fly for carp fly fishing is the Bugeye Carp Wooly, a pattern he’s so fond of that he even had it tattooed on his thumb.

Fishing for Carp

49:49 – We discussed the difference between using a cane pole compared to a two-handed spey rod and a single-handed rod for carp fishing.

1:03:00 – Bill tells us about the first steelhead he caught on the fly.

1:06:00 – Bill’s favorite steelhead fly, known as Bill’s Bead Butt Burlap, is also tattooed on his arm.

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You can find Bill on Instagram: @bill.marts

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Bill Marts

Fly Fishing for Carp Conclusion with Bill Marts

We hope you enjoyed Bill’s incredible journey and picked up some valuable tips for your next carp adventure. Grab your Bugeye Carp Wooly and hit the water with the newfound wisdom Bill shared.