In this podcast, learn about The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway with Mark Cirin!

The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway with Mark Cirino. Hit play below!

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ernest hemingway

The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway Show Notes with Mark Cirino

2:13 – Mark grew up in a household where his parents were readers. Her mother was a writer and his father was a journalist. This is also where he talks about how he stumbled upon Ernest Hemingway’s works.

3:48 – Mark talks about what the war meant to Hemingway.

ernest hemingway
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5:49 – He describes Hemingway’s writing style and the iceberg theory. Ernest’s style may have come from his journalism background and his subject matter. The men of action that he writes about are involved in crises or dangerous situations.

11:30 – We dig into Hemingway’s early life when his love for the outdoors started, particularly fishing. He mentions the places that Ernest wrote about such as Michigan where he wrote Indian Camp and The Doctor and the Doctor’s Wife among others.

13:32 – He differentiates the real Ernest from the myth of him.

18:58 – He had Ken Burns and Lynn Novick on the One True Podcast to talk about their PBS documentary on Hemingway.

Ken Burns and Lynn Novick also co-wrote the introduction in their book called One True Sentence: Writers & Readers on Hemingway’s Art.

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20:52 – In Hemingway’s memoir called A Moveable Feast, he talks about how to deal with writer’s block by starting with one true sentence and going on from there.

22:20 – He talks about fishing in relation to Hemingway’s works.

24:05 – I mentioned John Gierach, author of several fly-fishing books, whom we had in the podcast in episodes 047 and 434.


25:36 – In Hemingway’s journey as a fisherman, he bought a fishing boat in 1934 which he called Pilar. Mark has an episode in his podcast with Paul Hendrickson where they talked about the latter’s book called Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life, and Lost.

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26:45 – Hemingway’s works inspire Mark to keep his curiosity and continuously produce interesting topics for his podcast.

28:27 – We dig into the predator-prey concept in fishing and hunting in Hemingway’s book called Islands in the Stream.

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33:22 – His current favorite Hemingway work is A Farewell to Arms. He also talks about The Old Man and The Sea which he says is the perfect Hemingway theme of “winner take nothing”.

36:36 – We talk about the end of Hemingway’s life at the age of 61 in Ketchum, Idaho. His wife Mary said that he accidentally killed himself while cleaning his shotgun.

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40:56 – Mark talks about Pauline Pfeiffer, Ernest Hemingway’s second wife. He was married four times. He tackles more about her in his episode with Ruth Hawkins.

42:50 – I ask him about Ernest and Spanish bullfighting which he wrote about in his books entitled Death in the Afternoon and The Sun Also Rises.

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44:46 – He shares some highlights from The Sun Also Rises.

49:13 – For those who haven’t read any of Hemingway’s works, he recommends starting with The Old Man and the Sea and one of his short stories called Big Two-Hearted River.

ernest hemingway
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53:16 – He asks which I think is more conducive for soldiers returning home from the war between deep fishing and fly fishing.

54:12 – We dig into Hemingway’s evolution of writing. From 1925 to 1929, he wrote four books which made him a literary superstar. His comeback in 1940 was successful because of his book entitled For Whom the Bell Tolls.

ernest hemingway
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56:31 – He describes Hemingway as a pessimist as evident in an excerpt from his book In Death in the Afternoon, in which he says “All stories end in death, and he is no true-story teller who would keep that from you.”

58:00 – He talks about that time in 1954 when Hemingway and his wife Mary survived two plane crashes in Africa, and his failed attempts before his suicide in 1961.

1:02:47 – He started the One True Podcast when he noticed that there were no podcasts focused on Ernest Hemingway. The Hemingway Society sponsors the podcast.

1:04:47 – He likes listening to other podcasts such as the Rico Brogna Podcast with Evan Roberts who is a crazy Met fan. We talk more about the Mets.

1:09:45 – We end the interview with his one true sentence.

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ernest hemingway

The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway Conclusion with Mark Cirino

In this podcast, learn about The Life and Works of Ernest Hemingway with Mark Cirin!