Stuart Foxall from Aqua Flies is here today to talk about steelhead and kings, fishing in Alaska West and Scotland. He walks us through fishing the 4 main rivers in Scotland and the seasons to target salmon, steelhead, and big browns. We talk about spey flies, how he ties them, and why he loves to use tube flies. We also dig into a bunch of resources to up your fishing and fly-tying game without having to attend trainings, just like Stuart.

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Show Notes with Stuart Foxall

09:45 – Stuart did his first trip with Brian Niska in Alaska. Brian was on the podcast in episode 370.

16:55 – We talk about fishing on the Kanektok River, AK.

20:40 – Intruder tube fly works great for kings.

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22:15 – Kings season in Kanektok starts mid-June.

31:00 – Stuart talks about fishing the 4 big rivers in Scotland: River Spey, River Dee, River Tay, and River Tweed.

32:10 – is a great resource for getting to know more about the rivers in Scotland.

43:30 – For steelhead, Stuart uses the fly called, Potbellied Pig tube fly.

50:15 – Stuart explains why he prefers tube flies.


1:05:00 – Stuart ties for Aquaflies.

1:10:00 – Stuart recommends reading Hugh Falkus books.

1:13:15 – Scott Baker was on the podcast in episode 17.

You can find Stuart on Instagram @stuartfoxallflies

Head over to to check out what they have going

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Resources Noted in the Show

Hugh Falkus books

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