In today’s fly tying video I show you how to use the fly tying brush.  This fly brush allows you to tie an intruder like fly about as fast as humanly possible.  This is because it just takes 1 wrap of material and you’re done.

Fair Flies is also ethically sourced and a great company to support.  Check out the video below to see how easy it is.


Click here to see the Fair Flies steelhead brush:


If you want to check out more of the brushes head on over to to see what colors they have to offer.

Take a look below to here more of the Fair Flies story.


fair flies

Click this link to read about the full story of sustainability with Fair Flies.

Here’s a brief summary – Fair Flies is a registered Benefit corporation.  It is the the job of the board to make sure mission comes before financial returns.  The mission is to provide livable wages to compromised areas around the world.

Your order of fair flies materials helps move this mission forward and continues to build mentorship in fly tying and the fly fishing industry.

“We are not just another materials supplier or cheap online store. We create opportunities and make space to work with and train exploited and marginalized individuals. We believe that by providing trade instead of aid we make a lasting difference that also gives dignity instead of dependence.”



I wanted to give a big thanks to Jeff for giving me a brush to check out and tie a few with.  I’ll be heading over to check out a few more colors now.

If you are interested in the Fly Tying Tips PDF that includes 30 fly tying tips to improve your game click on the button below: