king salmon fishing
In this episode, we had the absolute pleasure of chatting with none other than Jim Teeny, a true legend in the fly fishing world, about king salmon fishing. From creating the game-changing Teeny Nymph to revolutionizing fly lines, Jim's done it all. So, grab a cup of your favorite brew, kick back, and let me take you through some...
Welcome to a brand-new channel, "In the Bucket" with Brian Niska, where we highlight the essence of spey fishing and the vibrant steelhead culture, particularly in the enchanting Skeena region. Listen in as we share the thrilling transition from guest to host, unveiling our podcast's unique format that mirrors the spirited banter among friends after a day by the water. This episode isn't just for the steelhead enthusiasts; it's a treasure trove for all passionate about the fly fishing community and the profound connections it nurtures.
In this milestone episode, we talk about the Klamath Dam Removal with Ann Willis. Ann shares her incredible conservation journey, starting from a 6-day white water raft trip. We explore the unique characteristics of the Klamath River, the catalyst for conservation efforts following a devastating fish kill, and the ambitious goals set by American Rivers for dam removal across the nation.
fly fishing for atlantic salmon
Join me and Topher on an exciting adventure into the world of Atlantic salmon fishing! He takes us to stunning rivers in Quebec and famous spots like Norway, where these magnificent fish are waiting to be caught. Topher will spill all the details about his epic fishing trips, like the time he reeled in a whopping 45 salmon in just one week! He's always up for a challenge and loves finding fish that give him a real fight.
James Thull from Montana State University talks about what they have going at MSU Library, home of the world's largest collection of books on trout and salmon.
fly fishing new york
Jay Peck is here to walk us through fly fishing New York, and some of the rivers he guides and fishes. We discover his egg setup and how he fishes it, some tips for handling your line and fishing on the water, and an overall primer to fish one of the great states in the union. Get ready to put...
skagit river
Scott Willison, owner and founder of the Confluence Fly Shop, takes us into the Skagit River to target bull trout, cutthroat, and coho.
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