Jeff Liskay breaks down switch rods for great lakes steelhead today on the podcast.  We find out what speed you should be swinging your fly and the story of how the spey revolution hit the great lakes.

Jeff walks us through the steps to landing a fish correctly and then digs into is 11 foot rod and the setup he uses to catch fish.  You’ll be ready for swinging any of the Great Lakes streams after todays episode.



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Show Notes with Jeff Liskay

22:40 – Kevin Feenstra was on the podcast in episode 13 here.  Kevin shared the step by step on the Muskegon River.

24:00 – Taco Fly Co was on the podcast in episode 237 here. Mario brings together fly fishing, tacos and skateboarding and focused on

34:11 – The Spey Lite line by Scientific Anglers is one of Jeff’s favorites.  Here’s the Ashland Fly Shop with a review.

36:00 – I covered 10 Tips for steelhead in this past Wet Fly Swing Blog post.

48:30 – Todd Hirano has some great resources for dry line steelhead.

53:30 – Russ Maddin was on the podcast here.


1:02:50 – Western Reserve Conservation Group


You can find Jeff at

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Read the Full Podcast Transcript Below:

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Conclusion with Jeff Liskay

Jeff Liskay shares the good stuff today as we focus on switch rods for steelhead in the Great Lakes.  Jeff has some terminal tackle tips and even a little on surface flies for steelhead.