Mario Guel, head man behind Taco Fly Co is here to shed light on how Taco Fly Co came to be and the similarities between tacos, skate boarding and fly fishing.  Mario also walks us through some tips on nymphing for steelhead on the Trinity River.

We hear about he Jaydacator and why it’s the best indicator to let you know when you have a proper float.  We dig into the terminal tackle and why you gotta go with a rubber legs.  Did I say I love skateboarding?  So, enjoy the videos below.


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Show Notes with Mario Guel

06:12 – Mario was on the Barbless Podcast here

09:30 – Herb at the Trinity Fly Shop is a great resource for flies and tips.

13:52 – Sex, Death and Fly fishing by John Gierach

sex death and fly fishing

15:10 – John Gierach was on the podcast in episode 47

34:40 – The Jaydacator is a killer indicator and something that you should pick up

59:45 – The Anchor Up and Chill Podcast is Mario’s way to connect to a more diverse crowd.

1:00:00 – Here is the Tall Can san jose skate boarding Video created by mario.


1:03:15 – Eeland Stribling was on Taco podcast in episode #2.

1:04:15 – FFBI guy puts together fly fishing memes.

1:05:30 – The Redington video by Eeland Stribling.

1:09:40  – The Nine Club Podcast is a great show.  Here’s the Tony Hawk interview.

and here’s Tony Hawk’s 50 tricks at age 50


1:11:50 – Pro Lock oars is what Mario uses on his Clackacraft.

1:14:40 – Mario loves Troutbitten and I noted the Troutbitten podcast with Domenick Swentosky

1:16:30 – The Green Diablo fly pattern is one of Mario’s secret patterns.

If you want to check out a few more steelhead bonus tips including how and why to stay on the buckets, take a look at some of our old steelhead content here.


You can find Mario at

taco fly co


Nymphing for Steelhead Tips and Flies

  1. rubber legs
  2. red copper john
  3. jaydacators are huge
  4. phycho princes in blue and orange
  5. Use your lower Sacramento trout flies and gear
  6. Cigar STS is good in 6 and 8 pound for tippett
  7. The Green Diablo

Resources – Nymphing for Steelhead

Jaydacator out out of balsa wood

Bad Friends Podcast


Videos Noted in the Show

Powell Peralta was a huge skater back in the day.


Bones Brigade Documentary


My Bloody Valentine



Mario Guel

Nymphing for Steelhead Conclusion with Mario Guel

Mario Guil is here from Taco Fly Co who breaks down some tips on nymphing for Steelhead.  Mario loves tacos, skate boarding and fly fishing and today we find out all of the similarities between the three.