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591 | The Future of Drift Boats with Justin Waayenberg – Adipose Boatworks, Helena,...

In this episode, we chat with Justin Waayenberg from Adipose Boatworks to delve into the groundbreaking world of resin infusion in drift boats, offering...

Traveled #15 – ClackaCraft with John Stenersen – Drift Boats, Boat Design, Fly Tying

John's father always said that a river could teach you a lot about life – the patience of the current, the wisdom of the rocks, the joy of a successful cast. It's this ethos that resonates so deeply with John Stenersen, our guest today, who shares his journey from the idyllic streams of Idaho to the forefront of one of the most iconic drift boat manufacturers - ClackaCraft. We wade through tales of his formative years casting lines under his father's guidance, his tenure at Jimmy's Fly Shop, and the evolution of his role at ClackaCraft, which mirrors the company's ripple effect on the fishing world.
miller drift boats

Traveled #13 – Miller Drift Boats with Sam Whitlock – Hyde Drift Boats, NRS...

Picture an eager eight-year-old, fishing rod in hand, standing by a South Dakota pond. That was Sam, embarking on a journey that would lead to a lifelong passion for fly fishing. Now, we invite you to come along as my guest Sam shares fishing tales and tips, from the peaceful corners of Eastern Idaho to the sturdy boats of Miller Drift Boats.

WFS 466 – Outcast Boats with Chris Callanan – Fish Cat, Float Tubes, Pontoon...

It's boat talk today with Chris Callanan as we delve deep into Outcast Boats. We explore his tips on finding the perfect boat, including their unique tweaks to float tubes and the significance of internal bladders in all their boats. We also gain valuable insights into the boating industry. Let's jump into the realm of boats, float tubes, and of course, fly fishing from a whole new perspective.
stealthcraft boats

WFS 379 – StealthCraft Boats with Mike Batcke – Driftboats, PowerDrifters, Rafts

Mike Batcke, owner of StealthCraft Boats, shares his family story of running a boat company with a focus on drift boats, power boats, and rafts. We discover the advantages of a boat with a headlight and power anchor.
croff craft

WFS 230 – Night Fishing for Trout with Phil Croff – Croff Craft Boats,...

Show Notes: Phil Croff from Croff craft walks us through the step x step to catching brown trout at night on mice.  We find out why they have better success catching 24” brown trout in the evening and not in the day.
cajune boats

WFS 196 – The Stitch and Glue Boat with Jason at Cajune Boats (Drift...

Show Notes: Sponsor: Stonefly Nets: Jason Cajune shares the story of how he created one of the most unique drift boats in the world.  If you haven’t seen Cajune Boats you have to listen today.  We find out how Jason grew up in Glacier National Park working on boats with his family.
koffler boats

WFS 180 – Koffler Boats with Joe Koffler (Drift Boat Series Ep. 3)

Show Notes: I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe Koffler from Koffler Boats.  Joe is the son of Bruce Koffler, and today we hear how Bruce started out after transitioning from an aluminum gutter business into one of the leading aluminum drift boat builders in the business. I have been using a 17' Koffler drift boat for a number of years now and love it for the carrying capacity.  Joe digs into some tips on taking care of a drift boat including when and what to use to protect the bottom of the drift boat.
wilderness lite

Fly Fishing Founders – Wilderness Lite Float Tubes with Phil Hayes – Ultralight Boats,...

Take the Survey: Show Notes: Phil Hayes breaks down ultralight backcountry fly fishing.  He produces the Wilderness Lite float tube which is a good start to your gear list when heading out on a backcountry trip.  We get into most of the gear you need to put together your trip and shed light on what it's all about.
flip pallot

WFS 070 – Flip Pallot Podcast – Bonefish, Bahamas, Hells Bay Boats, The Salt...

Show Notes: The Salt Water Angler and Walker Cay Chronicles were two of the most popular shows in the history of fishing.  Flip Pallot talks about these shows and his life in fly fishing. We talk about the Hells Bay Boat that he created which was a first of it's kind.  Flip shares an experience where he survived huricane andrew staying in his house as the storm ripped it away.
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