The Salt Water Angler and Walker Cay Chronicles were two of the most popular shows in the history of fishing.  Flip Pallot talks about these shows and his life in fly fishing.

We talk about the Hells Bay Boat that he created which was a first of it’s kind.  Flip shares an experience where he survived Huricane Andrew staying in his house as the storm ripped it away.


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Show Notes with Flip Pallot

11:22 – Stu Apte had a connection to ABC’s Outdoor American Sportsman program and was a mentor for Flip.

12:25 – The Salt Water Angler was another TV show that Flip hosted.

11:00 – The Walker’s Cay Chronicles ran for 16 seasons, longer than Seinfeld. 

21:20 – Lefty Kreh showed up 2 days after Hurricane Andrew to give Flip $25k. 

38:15 – The Hell’s Bays Boatworks was a breakthrough in boat design during the early days.

45:40 – Jim Teeny was on the podcast in this episode 5.  Jim talks about why Tarpon was always his favorite species.

52:30 – Joe Brooks was a big part of exposing people to fly fishing.  

1:10:20 – Flips best patterns for bonefish – The spawning shrimp

1:17:24 – I noted the Davy Wotton episode.  Davy is an animal as described by Flip.


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Flip Pallot Hall of Fame Inductee


Funniest Seinfeld Moments


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Conclusion with Flip Pallot

mboFlip was part of the early game in salt water fly fishing in South Florida.  Flip shares some great stories about his life including how he survived Hurricane Andrew.  He describes what the change look liked from bamboo and how he designed one of the most influential boats for salt water.



  1. I do remember the days of summer in the Abaco Bahamas at Walker’s Cay and there were usually three or four or five of Flips boats sitting up on the high part of the island waiting to be mounted and taken out into the beautiful lush tropical waters of this Utopia known as Walker’s Cay the flats of Walker’
    We were lucky enough to see him there as well along with many other world class fishing aficionados…we were blessed Walker’s Cay warm crystal clear waters they’re calling were coming back can’t wait. I just personally just

    • So cool Jack, thanks for sharing. Do you still find that there are some sweet spots you can get to near the area or is it as bad as it sounds like from Flip’s perspective?