I had the pleasure of sitting down with Joe Koffler from Koffler Boats.  Joe is the son of Bruce Koffler, and today we hear how Bruce started out after transitioning from an aluminum gutter business into one of the leading aluminum drift boat builders in the business.

I have been using a 17′ Koffler drift boat for a number of years now and love it for the carrying capacity.  Joe digs into some tips on taking care of a drift boat including when and what to use to protect the bottom of the drift boat.


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Show Notes with Koffler Boats

05:06 – I noted the Martin’s Boat interview with Pete McBride.  Pete has produced some amazing documentaries for National Geographic and shares the stories here.

06:00 – Wooldridge Boats was also one of the leaders back in the early days with a focus on the Rogue.  Now Clackacraft and other fiberglass boats have found a solid niche in the drift boat space.

11:00 – I noted the old Fish Rite boat and almost swamping the boat.

19:50 – The Helfrich family has been running white water for quite some time now.

21:00 – We note Willis, Alumaweld and others that have been around for the longterm

24:50 – WetLander is the new killer bottom coating to protect your boat.


You can find Joe at KofflerBoats.com


koffler boats


Top drift boat trips and models and protecting them

  1. The difference between 48″ vs 54″ wide drift boats is focused on carrying capacity.  The 48″ wide boat is great for day trips.
  2. The 17 x 54″ boat is great for gear and heavy loads
  3. Wood boats vs aluminum drift boats
  4. Use WetLander to Protect your boat
  5. If you hang up on rocks it’s time for a new wet lander coating
  6. The jet drifter can plane and can row well


Koffler Boats Resources Noted in the Show

The Rocky Mountain Trout Boat

koffler trout boat


WetLander to protect bottom of your boat

wet lander



Koffler Boats Videos Noted in the Show

Dory Days and a Koffler boat


“When you’re doing big white water, there’s those that have had trouble and those that will.”

-Bruce Koffler

koffler boats

Koffler Boats Conclusion with Joe Koffler

Joe Koffler is on the podcast today to share the koffler boats story and how they created one of the best aluminum boat companies in the world.  Joe shares some tips on taking care of your boat including how to protect the boat.