Phil Croff from Croff craft walks us through the step x step to catching brown trout at night on mice.  We find out why they have better success catching 24” brown trout in the evening and not in the day.

Phil also shares the story of the croft craft boats that he builds at his shop, a low profile wooden drift boat that works perfectly for their night adventures.  You will be able to catch more browns at night after todays big show.


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Night Fishing for Trout Show Notes with Phil Croff

14:40 – Koffler boats was on the podcast in episode 180 and Rays River Dories in episode 197 here.

16:00 – The Rapid Robert was a popular design by Ray Heater.

rapid robert boat
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17:23 – Cajun is one of the leaders in the leaders in the wood boat space and was on the podcast in episode 196.  Jason shares the story of him dumping the drift boat in one of the western rivers.

31:20 – The Scientific Anglers Infinity Glow Lines are a must have line for night fishing for browns.

33:00 – The Tommy Lynch’s white belly mouse was noted as a good pattern for Phil.



37:26 – The 1st Kelly Galloup episode was #52 here.  Kelly wrote the book on modern streamers and is a killer all around guy.

46:00 – You can mouse just about anywhere from G and G.  Louis was on the podcast in episode 206. 

55:20 – The Wetlander episode #192 was a good one and a product I am using for the bottom of my drift boat.  Phil notes a different product that he uses.

1:07:50 – The Food Afield Podcast here.  John, host of this show was on the podcast via clubhouse and asked a great question here.


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Resources Noted in the Show

Scientific Anglers Amplitude Smooth Infinity – Glow

SA glow line


Videos Noted in the Show

The Mr. Hankey Fly Pattern


The Nervous Neda 


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night fishing for trout

Night Fishing for Trout Conclusion with Phil Croff

Phil Croff is here to share some  big tips on catching fish out of Michigan with a focus on Night Fishing for Trout.  Phil also is the founder of Croff Craft boats and makes a killer wood boat set up for fishing Michigan waters.