Mike Batcke, owner of StealthCraft Boats, shares his family story of running a boat company with a focus on drift boats, power boats, and rafts. We discover the advantages of a boat with a headlight and power anchor.

Mike tells us how their technology and design evolved throughout the years to keep up with their customer’s preferences and the different waters, becoming a top choice for anglers today. What separates StealthCraft Boats from its competitors? Listen to this episode to find out.

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StealthCraft Boats Show Notes with Mike Batcke

04:50 – Mike does some upland hunting. We just had Nick Larson from Upland Bird Hunting Podcast recently in episode 373.

06:25 – Their main hub is in Pere Marquette – kind of like West Yellowstone of the mid-West. Their North branch is the Baldwin Creek Lodge.

12:00 – All their rafts are built in the US, everything, even the materials.

14:20 – StealthCraft started in 1996 with Mike’s uncle, Jim Johnson. Read more about their history here.

18:45 – We had Roger Fletcher on, who’s also a great boat-maker, in episode 177. We talked about the history of drift boats.

20:00 – The haul is the entire bottom of the boat. The transom is the back. StealthCraft boats have one of the widest hauls in the motorboat world.

stealthcraft boats

22:50 – According to statistics, the most sold drift boat around the country is the 14.6 Low Pro Hyde


23:30 – Stealthcraft builds 2 boats a day. They build mostly aluminum motor boats. They have 50 employees.

27:45 – Their Superfly Boat hasn’t changed in 10 years in design.

stealthcraft boat stealthcraft boat

31:00 – SteathCarft put lights and power anchors on drift boats which some people hate but a lot of people love.

41:30 – River Masters designed the first skiffs

skiff boat

55:55 – The Hooligan is what they sell the most lately

stealthcraft boat stealthcraft boat

1:01:00 – Noone’s hardly building oars and it’s one of Mike’s biggest frustration.

You can find StealthCraft Boats on Instagram @stealthcraftboats

Facebook at Stealth Craft Boats

YouTube at Stealth Craft Boats

Website at StealthCraftBoats.com

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